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    Centennial Hills Events, Business and Activities This Weekend

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    Events this weekend
    Zombie Paintball Express Roos-N-More Zoo reopens July 9 Michito Sanchez Salsa Orchestra July 16 Camping at Craig Ranch Regional Park July 29 Jazz Under the Stars Concert, June 30 Independence Day Concert Mt Charleston July 2 Friday Night Hike Mt Charleston June 24 guided tour Jr Ranger Saturdays June 18 Wetlands Park Ely Train Tour Desert Survivor Animal Show June Downtown Summerlin Screen Series June Pogo Pass Movie in the Park July 15 Norm of the North Water on the Meadow – Slip and Slide July 2, 10 Much more at http://annrd.com/listing-category/events-in-centennial-hills/

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    Effective Listening

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    Coach Rob will be interviewing Christa Riddle, founder and CEO of All About Writing. Christa has a master degree in education and is an educator at heart. But her real talents lie in making that connection. When we speak of cmmunication we more often than not think of talking! Much of self expression comes through our writings:This is where Christa excels, helping you formalize your thoughts and write them down with a touch of elegance. Christa also offers tutoring for children which having communication skills is a must, to make that connection. Which is no easy task.We will be discussing how she accomplishs that on a daily basis, what techniques she employs, and what she feels is successful.
    Great communication eleminates the need for mind reading. Which is not our job!

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    Fidel Castro

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    Did Castro achieve anything good for Cuba

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    Kids starting business for themselves

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    The kids are out of school for the summer what better way than to keep kids out of mischief than to teach them about entrepreneurship, and starting a business that is easy and enjoyable for them. This helps give them the tools they need and prepare them for the world at hand.  Join us as we talk about what we can do to help our children today. Would love some feedback, thank you for joining.  Please follow us. Thank you.

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    Talking With Jasper About DNC 2016, AG Kathleen Kane, "Boy With A Knife" & DHS

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    Was hoping the democrats would correct their cheating ways and put Bernie on their platform. But no they are so desperate to continue their camouflage genocide that the bite they are going to get back i'm sure will take them all out. i'm before my time, have been told that since i was a toddler. i don't expect people to see what i see but i will tell you. Rather you here me or not is on you.
    Pennsyvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is on trial for taking a stand against the political corruption.
    We are at District Attorney Seth Williams office requesting he have a heart and stop sending youth to prison for the rest of their lives. My son best friend got caught up in a bad drug deal on a VFW porch at 33rd and Fountain Street. Because the victim was out tricking and buying drugs and happens to be a veteran, his behavior was covered up and the youth sentenced to 77 years at age 17 because the victim died. Disgraceful how bad habits get covered up and left unaccountable and cruel punishment seems to be the only solution, not to mention the insurance pay out based on lies. Sad how the VFW is a trick house and doesn't support the community. What you do in the dark. comes to light.

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    A Voice in the Wilderness (Re-air)

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    We have to assist others in their time of trouble. If we do not do anything else, they need to hear “The Voice, The Cry”; the voice and cry for change.

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