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    Kirk Cameron

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    The Growing Pains star (and hubby of actress Chelsea Noble) tells us why he’s so passionate about helping couples “fireproof” their marriages. Plus: Ask Mom RN’s Tamara Walker talks with Dr. Gary Chapman about his new book, Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married.

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    Casualties Of W.A.R. Radio with Yahya McClain Episode 12

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    Two Time World Champion Boxer, Marine and Creator of Casualties Of W.A.R. Documentary and Radio Show Yahya McClain welcomes Michael Lazarin.
    Michael is a Father and an advocate in Family Law Reform. He will speak about his experiences in this Corrupt System and his pathway to becoming a advocate.
    Michael is the biological father of Audrie Pott.
    She was legally kidnapped and alienated from him at the age of 7. At 15 years of age she was sexually assaulted and afterwards tragically took her own life.
    She is the focus of a soon to be released Netflix documentary titled AUDRIE & DAISY; scheduled to be released on September 23rd.
    He continues to fight for her legacy and discuss omissions in the documentary, particularly the tragic contributions of a Parental Alienation in her life. I urge you to please tune in.
    Like all of us this is a path that he did not choose however it is a path we all must walk as they try to make us all a Casualty Of W.A.R.
    Join Yahya and Michael by clicking the link or Facebook Live.
    Call in Number is 516-387-1481
    Wednesday April 5th 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. E.S.T.

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    Stress and Detoxing: 21 Day Purification Process

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    Dr. Meribelle Vedialis will be discussing stress and the importance of detoxing.  She will featured on Tavis Taylor's FB Live and Pericope on 3/6/2018 @ 9:00pm  This episode will be giving you greater detail of what is to follow during her interview.

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    Dr Karin Huffer Works at Equal Access Advocates Past: Exposing Government Waste, Fraud, & Abuse and Occupy Family Court
    Studied Psychology at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Past: University of Rhode Island and University of Idaho
    Dr. Lynn Kahn:
    Lynn Kahn- Presidential Candidate 2016-Author- U.S. Presidential Candidate 2016 at White House,
    Studied Psychology at Univerisity of Wisconsin-Madison,Studied Clinical psychology at The American University
    Former Psychologist and Organization Consultant at United States Federal Aviation Administration
    Dr. LYNN S. KAHN was an independent candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election cycle. Of the 24 candidates who received more than 1,000 votes, she ranked 15th nationally.
    Dr. Kahn served inside the federal government as an organizational psychologist for 32 years including 6½ years on the White House Partnership to Reinvent Government.
    Connie Reguli- Attorney for Family Justice
    CONNIE REGULI has practiced family law throughout Middle Tennessee for over 20 years. She has served as a prosecutor in Nashville, Tennessee as well. She has seen real child abuse and convicted a child murderer. She also has the largest verdict in the State of Tennessee awarded to children against their parents for the abuse they suffered in childhood. She has authored over 40 appeals heard before the Tennessee Court of Appeals; Tennessee Supreme Court; and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  
    Dean Tong: 
    Certified Forensic Consultant who specializes in high-conflict child custody/false abuse cases

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    Cathy Harris Interviews Muhammad Robbalaa, President, AAAA

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    Muhammad Robbalaa lives in Leflore County, OK, and he is the President of the African American Agriculturists Association (AAAA), a black farmer's organization. He is a black farmer and he filed his first complaint against USDA in 1983. Muhammad has been a leader for justice on a state and national level. His phone number is (918) 721-3031 and his email is lulumr41@gmail.com. He will give updates on the African American Agriculturists Assocation (AAAA) at www.AfricanAmericanAgricultureAssociation.org.

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    Tune in and you will be informed!!!!

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    Family Folk - Family History Research Primer

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    NurseHealer brings you a focus on ancestry, guidance in building your family tree, tools and tips for your genealogy research, and dedication to honoring our ancestors. FREEdownloadable printable forms, charts and more!

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    Basia Kowalik, DDS, suffered from Parental Alienation

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    I am a daughter of immigrant parents from Poland. Both sides of my family came to the United States after the war as refugees from the Soviet gulags in Siberia. As an immigrant's child, I strived hard to excel in school and was the first to achieve a doctorate in my family. In 1983, I married another immigrant from Havana Cuba. We shared a commonality not only in family history, but we also were students at the Marquette University of Dentistry were I received a degree in Dentistry. In addition, to having one of the top practices in the country, we published, lectured nationally and internationally in dentistry and business.

    My marriage lasted 20 years. I had never truly understood it until it was over. I had been mentally and physically abused... dragged down 12 steps on my back, by my ankles. The word was control.  I had married a narcissist and never knew it until he took the minds of my four beautiful children from me during the divorce. It was parental alienation at its worse and I found myself at the mercy of the legal system with no resolve in sight. My attorney, the guardian ad-litem, the court appointed psychologist and the judge all saw the horrific injustice and yet did nothing. Could they do anything? I collapsed from internal agony.

    It was at that point that I had to make the most momentous decision of my life. Because I live in a 50-50% state, both parents have custodial rights unless one parent is totally unfit because of criminal record or such. I soon saw that because of his extraordinary behavior and need of total control, he would make it impossible to co-parent and my children's lives would be havoc. We had joint custody, but I decided to give him physical custody of the children. I felt if I took away the battle, he would stop the war, but he didn't.
    Go To SyndicatedNews.NET

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    "The wounded blossom" By Toyin Ligali

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    Welcome to Chatting with The Village on Moji's World with your host Moji Solar - Percy and Co Host Cathy Audu.
    On this week's episode of chatting with the village, we will be chatting with Toyin Ligali about her book "The wounded blossom"
    Toyin Ligali is an author, nutritional therapist, Reiki, Neuro Linguistic NLP, Flower Essence, Reflexology ractitioner and a  Psychotherapist and counsellor. 
    Her book "The wounded blossom" is about herself and how she grew up in Nigeria emphasising on Child Abuse and Neglect as it's often overlooked and mistaken for discipline in Africa. 
    So please join us this Sunday March 13th, 2016 for this amazing broadcast at 5:00 PM (EST), 9:00 PM (GMT) in the UK  and 10:00 PM (+1 GMT) in Nigeria.
    Call 646-668-8625 to participate in this conversation.

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    Read Me a Story - Story Night for Kids (Chester the Worldy Pig)

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    Story Night for Kids – I will read the old classic stories at bedtime such as
    Amelia Badelia Mother Goose Rhymes Curious George Clifford the Big Red Dog My children’s books:
    Elijah’s Great Race Princess Onyx Precious Gems Micah’s Grumpy Day Rex The Nerdy Centipede, As well as
    children’s stories from other indie authors. What’s going to make it more fun is kids will be able to send me an email requesting their favorite story to be read. If you have children, they can send their requests to letsjusttalkradio@gmail.com. All stories must be for ages up to 10 years old.
    If you are an indie author of children’s books, and would like me to read it on air, send a print copy to: Queen of the Pen Books™, Attn: Clarissa Burton, P.O. Box 68221, Schaumburg, IL 60168
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** Ebooks will not be accepted.

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    Keeping Families Together and Make them Stronger: (Wk 2, Series 4 of 7)

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    Families separating or separated by immigration policies. Couples experiencing separation and long distance relationships because of the U.S. immigration system.
    Tonight’s topic is about Veterans deported and their fight to return to the country they served.
    This is an open discussion about life experiences after the deportation and denial. Our message to mixed status families is that we should not be afraid of life abroad.
    Join Sonya Navarette, Cecilia Garcia and Jennifer Acosta as they discuss their daily concerns when it comes to keeping their family strong an intact. Single parents and broken families are increasing in the USA and no one is talking about the 8-9 million children without at least 1 parent in the United States of America.
    Sonya Navarette - Founder of Small Town Mom's Life Facebook page and currently living in Mexico with her husband and children. Sonya has created a page to share with other wives that life abroad is not impossible. 
    Jasmine Mendoza - Founder with Family Reunification. 
    Cecilia Garcia - Legal Director and Founder with Family Reunification. Cecilia Garcia is currently living with her children in the USA and her husband is located in Mexico. Cecilia has dedicated her life to unification of families and the fight that as U.S. citizen spouses we should have a right to bring our spouses to this country.
    Jennifer Acosta - Mother facing life abroad after her spouse was exiled. I founded this radio blog to help document my own fears of moving abroad, the strain on my family and the uncertainty with leaving the USA even for a visit. The future I face as the wife of an exiled immigrant and the fact that we will be making these decisions for a long time.

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