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    How to Shift Major Situations with Your Focus, Energy and Intention Now!

    in Spirituality

    Are you overwhelmed with all of the massive changes going on in the US and the world? I sure am. We are at a true turning point and it is imperative that everyone who cares, learns to use the power of their focused energy, intention and intuitive abilities to manage through the jarring situations that are taking place now several times a day.
    On this show I will share:
    How to intuitively know when someone is lying and has ill intention. And how to manage them energetically.
    How to override what you are seeing in the physical world with healthier more positive outcomes energetically so that they manifest into physical reality.
    How to use your imagination as the best weapon against damaging situations and shift the outcomes with your mind
    How to keep your equilibrium through these raging times and regain it when you lose your way.
    The higher meanings of what is really happening and why things are unfolding so rapidly.
    I will be taking your questions too so be sure to call in early!
    347 215 9485
    Need a private session? Go to www.theahaway.com

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    Episode 40: PECOTA Projections and Cubs add pitching depth

    in Baseball

    Projections are fun because fresh stats in the winter are like a warm hug from an old friend you haven't seen in a long time.
    But that's all they are: projections, and the guys highlight some interesting outliers.
    Then they discuss some recent SP signings and what they mean for 2018. Then Isaac drops out because he's so important and his computer hates him.
    At which point Ryan and Carlos heroically carry on for a few more minutes before signing off.
    Baseball will be here soon, folks, and all will be better.

  • 01:58

    Ep. 257 Round Table Report 15 Feb 2017

    in Training

    Tonight is the Round Table Report (RTR).  Listeners are invited to participate.  516-453 9389.

  • 02:01

    Rundgren Radio With Special Guest Kasim Sulton

    in Music

    Bassist Kasim Sulton is a member of Utopia and has worked with Todd Rundgren since the 70’s, Blue Oyster Cult, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett and many others.  Sulton has just released a Live Bootleg CD! 

  • 02:26

    PTRN - Nature Folk with Selena Fox & Circle Talk

    in Spirituality

    7 PM Central - Nature Folk with Selena Fox:  Enhancing Love in Life:  Explore different forms of Love & some ways to bring more Love into personal life & the world.
    8 PM Central - Circle Talk:  Love, Friendship & Romance in the Cards & Divination: Join Circle Ministers Jeanet and David Ewing as they welcome special guest Circle Ministers Mari Powers as we continue the series on Love & Romance.  Tonight, they will be discussing the interaction of cards & divination and their connection to love, friendship and romance.
    Mari can be found at:  www.maripowers.com
    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

  • 00:59

    Women of Golf with LPGA Professional & Legends Tour Player - Barb Mucha

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!
    With hosts: Radio Host/Producer Ted J. Odorico & LPGA Professional - Cindy Miller.
    Join Cindy & I this week as we start the show off with an insightful interview of LPGA Professional & Legends Tour Player - Barb Mucha.
    Then later, a discussion on Handicaps - Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling. Why haven't they changed much?
    Remember listen LIVE to Cindy & Ted on Tuesday Mornings 9:00 - 10:00 AM ET at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf
    The broadcast is also available as a Podcast at http://www.itunes.com

  • 01:19

    57: Celtics v Chicago Bulls | 2016-17 NBA Regular Season | CLNS Radio

    in Basketball

    CLNS Radio brings you game 57 of the Boston Celtics 2016-17 NBA Regular Season, brought to you by Zip Recruiter. Find a job, post a resume or even a help wanted. Publish to one platform and it will automatically publish to all job sites. Free trial is at www.ziprecruiter.com/sportsfan
    CLNS Radio's leading online coverage of the Boston Celtics is now even more comprehensive than ever. From the  Garden Report, to Celtics Beat and Celtics Stuff Live, If you missed the live program, no problem... Download the CLNS Radio mobile app for Android and iOS today so you don't miss a show. For the 7th consecutive year, CLNS Post-Game coverage will continue, after every-single game, throughout the NBA regular season & Playoffs.
    The Celtics Post Game Show will go LIVE on CLNS Radio, following the Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. Make sure you return to CLNS Radio after the game to get the immediate reactions.
    Tonight's host is WEEI's Patrick Gilroy. He will be joined by CLNS Radio's Matt Rury in the broadcast booth tonight, breaking down all the action from Celtics vs Bulls. Nic Sistento will finish off the team, taking your calls, tweets and Facebook messages. 
    The guys will be taking your TOLL FREE calls throughout at 347-215-7771.

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    in Sports

    The journey of Post Time with Mike and Mike began with the mission of 'Positively Promoting Harness Racing'. The first ever USTA Presidential Debate, which will be heard over these airwaves, will achieve another goal in this never ending mission.
    "There are plenty of places that air harness racing's dirty laundry," says Mike Bozich, co-host of the program. "The sport has plenty of feel good stories that never seem to find the light of day. We have, and will continue, to make every attempt to give these stories the headlines they deserve here on this show." 
    Although Post Time with Mike and Mike has concentrated on the positive, Bozich assures tough questions will be asked in the upcoming USTA Presidential Debate. "Tough questions can be asked without constantly ragging on the negatives," Bozich says. "There are some very difficult issues facing our industry , and the candidates will be asked on how they plan to deal with  these issues moving forward." 
    The debate format has been laid out. It will have opening and closing statements, four main subjects with sub-questions relating to those topics, and opportunities for rebuttals. The questions were gathered from USTA Directors, Horsemen, Horsewomen, and racing fans. 
    Mike Carter, the younger of the two Mikes, felt strongly that an unbiased platform should be given to all of the candidates. "The idea of the debate was born when an exchange of ideas got a little heated on social media," said Carter. "Mike and I decided to jump in and create something to get their ideas out." 

  • 03:14

    The Holy Birth (DEBATE) Saints Of Thunder Vs Shut Em Down Crew

    in Spirituality

    The Saints Of Thunder
    Ahdiahla S.O.T Neo
    S.O.T House
    Vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Shut Em Down Crew
    Ahwar Da Swordsman

  • 01:46

    Illuminati Mind Control (Part 1)

    in Paranormal

    On this broadcast, I talk with Daniel Duval and special guest Carolyn Hamlett about Illuminati mind control and similar subjects related to the occult and Satanic Ritual Abuse. website: http://http//www.bridemovement.com/

  • 00:38

    Ask MomRN Show Season 9 Episode 10

    in Family

    Tamara Walker, RN, aka MomRN, and her expert guests share practical advice, information and support for raising a happy, healthy family.
    It’s during this time of year that many of us are concerned about growing waistlines, but what about our gum lines?  What impact do the rich foods, cheeses, extra sweets, alcoholic beverages and other indulgences that we partake in at holiday parties and gatherings have on our mouths and teeth? Celebrity dentist, Dr. Lee Gause, joins us to discuss what steps we can take to help ensure our mouths remain healthy and fresh despite all of the decadent food and drinks we tend to consume during the holiday season. 
    Many Americans take pills every day to manage disease and improve their health. For the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation or a-fib, blood thinners that help prevent stroke-causing blood clots can make minor injuries life threatening. So for patients like today’s guest who are avid travelers, the risk of being hours from medical attention can be dangerous. Joining us is Academy Award nominated documentary film maker, Jim Burroughs, and his cardiologist Dr. Shephal Doshi of Providence Saint John’s Health Center to talk about how medical advancements are providing ways to help afib patients stay active.
    Recent data from the annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is shedding new light on a survivor’s most nagging fear – will my cancer come back? Dr. Tara Sanft from the Yale Cancer Center Survivorship Clinic is here to share study findings that redefine the five-year survival milestone.
    Time is running out when it comes to getting your holiday shopping done! Whether you’ve waited until the last minute or don’t know what to get the gamer who has everything, Tech Expert Andrea Smith is here with THE last-minute holiday gift guide. She has tips to scoring the hottest gaming gadgets and a few cool points for mom and dad!