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    The Man's Voice

    in Dads and Family

    Listen today to The Man;s Voice starting at 6:00 pm EST and you will hear what men are thinking about all sors of tings but mostly the item that are specifice to you and your family and friends.  The panel is a host of men from across the nation representing several states and political parties, so the show is very entertaining and informative, you wont want to miss it and you can also call in and tell us your thoughts on what we are talking about or tell us what you want us to discuss.  Please listen today 

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    Myocarditis -Covid-19 Vax - What Parents Must Know!

    in Parents

    Connecticut has at least 18 cases of heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccination but doctors say teens and young adults should still get the shot. Children are the most precious beings on the planet. We all have a responsibility to protect them, love them and steer them in the right direction for they are the only future we have. The FDA has stated that 12-15 year olds are eligible to take the Covid-19 shot for emergency use. 
    It is not well known what is in this shot but the ingredients are not fit for human or animal use. Parents please at least listen to the facts and protect your children from what may be harming them. Medicine is only supposed to be practiced on the sick. This shot is practicing medicine on people that are well and have no symptoms. Be wise! 
    Listen and call-in today and share your thoughts and experiences regarding the Covid-19 shot and your child. 

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    "Should You Allow Just Anyone to Pray or Lay Hands on You?"

    in Family

    How do you feel about someone desiring to pray for you whom you may not even know?  Or, how about someone laying hands on you to bless you and you don't know them either?  Join us live as we discuss this partiuclar issue.  I am confident you will be glad you did.

  • 01:01

    Animal Advocates Radio "Voices Carry for Animals #314" -

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer
    Guest will be: Spencer Hodgetts- Founder & Host of
    Topic: The new opportunities to help rescued dogs post COVID-19
    Connecting People Networks & You to Influence Change!
    Spencer believes that undesirable dogs & disadvantaged people have the right to belong in society!
    Where we have disadvantaged people from the homeless & those who belong to gangs, the lonely, the elderly to veterans with PTSD. Rather than just have ordinary people train therapy dogs which are given to the disadvantaged, let’s train the disadvantaged to be the trainers!
    Such collaborations must create a regular solution to a lot of the rescued dogs that aren’t cute….the underdogs. Of which we’ve rescued several over the last four decades+.
    Spencer's listening & networking skills is to bring people together who can make social-impact happen locally, nationally & internationally.
    So together we will change society’s attitude to animal & human exclusion!
    ~ Thank You All for Listening In!~

  • 01:17

    Happy Father's Day

    in Dads and Family

    Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be embracing Father's Day, 2021. After celebrating Mother's Day 2021, we as fathers felt like it's only right that we embrace fatherhood and the impact that all the super dads have on their children and society as a whole. We spend a lot of time celebrating the great mother’s out there and rightfully so, but tonight it’s about the dads!
    There are more Super Dads out there than you think! But the attention and media exposure has been placed on mothers (especially single mothers), as if there aren’t tons of fathers out there being just as active, and doing as great a job as the mothers. News flash, single fathers exist too and they don’t get the exposure or credit that single moms get.
    There are many fathers right now who want to be in their children’s lives and are begging and pleading with bitter baby mama’s and ex-wives, but being deprived of visitations and parental rights, because the mother wants to use the children as ponds and bribing mechanisms, or simply just wants to make the father suffer because of bitterness, usually due to the relationship or marriage not working out.
    This is unacceptable and we all need to play our parts to stand up for these men who want to be great dads and spend quality time with their children. Think about the dads who have joint custody with the mothers and have the children more than the mothers do, because it was decided that its best that way. These men are doing a phenomenal job and they need to be commended because the narrative is being painted that only mothers do a great job.
    It’s gotten to the point that mothers are wishing each other a happy Father’s Day and that is an insult to the real dads who handle business! Well tonight, we're acknowledging and celebrating those Super Dads. Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!

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    The Hope Collection - Health and Education

    in Family

    To give people Hope !!!

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    The Elijah Winfrey Show

    in Family

    On this week's show Eli and toni welcome Mary Claire as their guest. They'll chat about autism, Mary's role as a teacher, peloton, and how she's dealt with life during the pandemic. The duo also get you caught up on their past week. Be sure to tune in!

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    Just Show up OutReach Ministry

    in Family

    Just Show Up OutReach Ministries is Reaching Out to the outcast, lonely, hurt, depressed, oppressed. Offering Gods gift of love as Jesus did for the Samaritan woman at the well in John chapter 4

  • 01:56

    Brenda's World

    in Friends

    who ya thinkin i am dancing with today ?

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    Live, Laugh & Learn with Mary Radio Show: Ending Generational Curses & Cycles

    in Family

    On today's show at 6pm Est, we will chat about generational curses and cycles. i have experience learning more about our family curses and cycles. At some point you have to break the curse or cycle. there are alot of things GOD has shown me regarding this matter. The only thing I urge you to do is sit back, reflect and observe those in your family line and those in your children off spring family as well. You see breaking this will help those in your family line especially those under you. This could range from manipulation, fornication, homosexuality, deception, substance abuse and more.
    Dial in, you don’t want to miss this episode and learning how to transform your family line.

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