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The Secret about Secret Societies

  • Broadcast in Religion



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From their own words, documents, quotes, and directives utilized by the New World Order elites to push their followers into mandating, implementing, and fostering the agenda for world government.  I will expound upon the matrix, the overseers, and the control mechanisms utilized to propogate the lie that most know and believe is reality in order to assist you the listener decipher and discern what is really happening and what we are really dealing with as planet, people, and those awakening to what is truth in all of its ugly and menacing aspects.

"And he made a plan with his powers. He sent his angels to the daughters of men, that they might take some of them for themselves and raise offspring for their enjoyment. And at first they did not succeed. When they had no success, they gathered together again and they made a plan together. They created a counterfeit spirit, who resembles the Spirit who had descended, so as to pollute the souls through it. And the angels changed themselves in their likeness into the likeness of their mates (the daughters of men), filling them with the spirit of darkness, which they had mixed for them, and with evil. They brought gold and silver and a gift and copper and iron and metal and all kinds of things. And they steered the people who had followed them into great troubles, by leading them astray with many deceptions. They (the people) became old without having enjoyment. They died, not having found truth and without knowing the God of truth. And thus the whole creation became enslaved forever, from the foundation of the world until now. And they took women and begot children out of the darkness according to the likeness of their spirit. And they closed their hearts, and they hardened themselves through the hardness of the counterfeit spirit until now.