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Faheem Shuaibe

Faheem Shuaibe


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Faheem Shuaibe hosts shows which address all things that affect and arise from "The Human Condition"; Business, Politics, Education, Culture and Religion

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Sahih International: "Let a man of wealth spend from his wealth, and he whose provision is restricted - let him spend from what Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except [according to] what He has given it. Allah will bring... more

?Islam comes to make it possible for us to live our life in Islam with ease. G'd says surely with difficulty comes ease, where is the difficulty? The difficulty is (our) coming from the mind of the world to the mind of faith in G'd and in His... more

Our presentation tonight is on race and racism and the reason why we chose to have both of these terms in the statement of the topic is because we believe that the big problem with race relations comes from us going to extreme. Those... more

Professor Wolff gives a talk where he looks at capitalism from a moral perspective, highlighting the struggle between employers and employees. Wolff suggests that democracy within the workplace should become a priority at this... more

Imam Mohammed said, "That's what G'd's will is, that's what G'd's way is for humanity. It is the spirit and march of universality, that all men are one flesh, that all people are one people, that all matter with one scheme made by G'd. The... more

Like novels, films can be extremely dangerous documents about a time, but very good artifacts of a time. In this course, we will use films as reflections of the time in which they were made (i.e., as "artifacts"), and not as truthful depictions of... more

2: 256 Sahih International: There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy... more

"I tend to also focus on the human intellect and I believe that this is the way of the Prophet (pbuh), the way of the Prophet (pbuh) was to address the human intellect. The heart, certainly the heart to is necessary to address the heart, but most... more

The Divide says the current inequality problem began with the election of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Do you agree? It escalated sharply under Reagan and Thatcher, who gave it a kind of ideological framework, but I think... more

49: 15 Only those are Believers who have believed in Allah and His Apostle and have never since doubted but have striven with their belongings and their persons in the Cause of Allah: Such are the sincere ones." For many secular human... more