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Coach Jacqueline007 and David are STEM/STEAM advocates with an emphasis on the T toward every IT (Information Technology). STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art/Design and Math) is the global language for Innovation. Business AGILITY is the framework used for radical change by innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change agents! If all of this doesn't immediately make sense or engage you, no worries listen to a few episodes and awaken your inner TECHIE and inner NERD! Take Ten to Fifteen Minutes every day to Better Understand the Digital Language that will unlock the mysteries of Science, Technology, Engineer, Math + Agile which is the language of the folks that control the future and will dominate the World We Live In. Don't believe me? #ElonMusk No One Should Be Content with Ignorance. Ignorance is Ignoring the Opportunity to Learn. Information+Action #ExpressoUrself Email us @ technologyexpresso@gmail.com Chat Online with us @ www.techexpressoconsulting.com Call Us @ 855-484-6837 #fullSTEAMahead #CoachOnCall #VirtualAgileHelpdesk #AgileSecretsRevealed #TheAgileDiva #AgileTakeOver

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If you are frustrated with your manager, your job, or with your whole organization, maybe it's because your risk tolerance is not aligned. Every person has their own internal risk tolerance meter and depending on everything else that's going on... more

People hate to hate Agile Story Pointing and there are some good reasons. As an agile coach, I watch and observe the dynamics and atmospheric conditions of the team during various ceremonies including during refinement when story pointing... more

As an Agile Coach, you are often asking questions that challenge very fundamental aspects of Agile and sometimes those questions come with very compelling justifications of why "pointing won't work", "daily stand-ups don't... more

After 20 years of doing Agile, I have to say the topic and question of point user stories won't go away. Being the type of agile coach that doesn't avoid a little controversy or a nice challenge, I want to address this topic in today's episode... more

It's time to grow up, if you've been doing agile the same way since you started - That's a problem. Using a 5 tier model to measure your continuous improvement: Level 1 - Ad hoc Agile (Individual/Team) Level 2 - Doing Agile (Team) (Mindset... more

Often time people want the Agile Coach to "pick a side", who's right or who's wrong: Should all agile teams be smaller than 9 people? Do we have to have daily stand-ups every day? Do we have to have a daily stand-up on the day we... more

After listening to this podcast, try to take an honest look at your current environment and company culture and see if you have created Groups of Individual Contributors that work together (and may get along GREAT but don't... more

I will be the first to admit Agile Ceremonies can get stale and mundane. It's important that you don't go the 'lazy' route and just cancel these ceremonies. Take the time and effort to energize them. You get out of it, what you put into it. Put... more

I'm 100% serious. The hiring of Agile Coaches is on the rise but why spend the money and bring people from outside your organization when you can have someone inside your organization take an Agile class or two? Even though I'm a... more
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