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    The Morton Arboretum in Lisle Illinois

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    One of the best spots in Illinois to enjoy a day with the family, running along it's groomed hills, enjoying the "bugs" on display, or taking in the quiet solitude of the far corners of this amazing living museum.

    There is something for everyone at the Morton Arboretum.  You can even eat chocolate covered bugs if your up for it in the children's center.

    Visit www.mortonarb.org to plan your day and because they are open all year you can always find something fantastic to do no matter what season is your favorite.

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    Freedom and Privacy.... a thing of the past?

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    For this airing, I will be talking to a friend of mine, from Texas USA! And possibly a number of others who have been with me since day 1.
    I wanted to discuss Personal Privacy and Freedoms.
    Our level of technology is more advanced then the government leads us to believe. We have Anti-Gravity Tech, Nano-Tech, Invisibility, Holograms... The list is endless.
    Going Natural. Buying Natural. Staying Natural. 
    Growing your own vegtables and herbs, whether your in an apartment or a house! You can do it!

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    Caño Tiburones IBA, Charrancito y el Cantar de Nuestras Aves

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    Conozca este maravilloso humedal desde otra prespectiva a través de un proyecto dirigido por SOPI.
    Hablamos además del Proyecto del Charrancito en la Laguna Punta Cucharas IBA de Ponce
    Incluiremos además otra información que encontrará muy interesante.

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    Ecosocialist Horizons

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    Join Joel Kovel & Ben Barson on the Ecosocialist Horizons hour on the GoPro Radio Network, your frontline report on the global ecological crisis and the struggle for a livable world.

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    "Saving Lives by Planting Trees" with Steve Fitch

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    This week we interview Steve Fitch of The Eden Projects (www.edenprojects.org) to discuss the topic "Saving Lives by Planting Trees."

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    Madison Star Moon Question Everything

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    I encourage all of you to QUESTION EVERYTHING. I do and without questioning the authorities they are getting away with everything!!! Now is the time for ALL to rise up against CHEMTRAILS and the people behind them.

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    Woody Hastings- Moving CA to Clean Power

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    Some no-brainers take a while to find their place in the public mind.
    Take for example the concept of community-generated electric power. Officially called Community Choice Aggregaton (CCA), it allows cities or counties to replace a large portion of the electrical power they've been getting from the mega-monopoly utility, produce it themselves from clean renewable sources, and get paid for it by the utility's rate payers in the communities that choose to go with it. Renewable sources are exactly what the name implies- wind, solar, geothermal, and whatever new technologies make use of the heat or motion of earth and sky, to generate power without mining the earth, without throwing off radiation or CO2. When Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) was approved in April 2013, it became the latest community choice power initiative on the California scene, with several more already in the works. Supervisors approved it for the unincorporated part of Sonoma County (north of San Francisco). Cities also have the option to take part in the program. What the local governments like about SCP is the local jobs likely to be created in in assembling large scale solar-electric generating capacity, and the revenue from electric bills that will stay in the local economy rather than trickling up to Wall Street (more than $220 million per year, currently paid to PG&E by Sonoma County ratepayers). In this 30-minute interview, ShiftShapers host Daniel Kerbein talks to Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Implementation Manager at the Climate Protection Campaign, located in Sonoma County. He has been an outspoken advocate and spokesperson for community-generated electricity, and in particular, Sonoma Clean Power. The conversation provides an overview of what Sonoma Clean Power is, and how it will work as it goes forward and is implemented.

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    Amendment 30 Comments

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    Please take a few minutes to listen to these comments about why the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council should not pass the Vessel Monitoring System law proposed in Amendment 30 and some alternatives that would achieve any honorable goals of VMS without the negative impacts.

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    The Alliance Party of Scotland

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    The Alliance Party of Scotland will be 2 weeks old this Thursday. 
    Mrs. Pat Wells will join us live to give us an update and, hopefully, to discuss today's announcement of the new wild lands mapping from SNH. 
    Also, we will air a conversation with the leader of Alliance Party, Richard Crawford in which we discuss his background, the goals of the APS, it's position on the independence referendum and much more.

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    Should We Frack Mill Creek Park?

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    Gas drilling in Mill Creek Park? Metro Park will have continued natural gas extraction in residental areas of Youngstown, Ohio, leading to health problems and water contamination. Using the Sunshine Law for public records requests can help citizens protect themsleves, thier park and the water for future generations - join the discussion.
    Learn more about protecting the park: Guardians of Mill Creek Park  on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/guardiansmillcreek/
    Help remind Youngstown, OH residents why they have NOTHING TO LOSE by Voting YES May 7! - help canvas, phone bank from your home, other, CONTACT at: https://www.facebook.com/YoungstownRightsVoteYESMay7/app_141149985924076 OR http://www.youngstownrights.org/contact Thank you! Can also help by "Liking" & "Sharing" the FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/YoungstownRightsVoteYESMay7

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