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    UJR Episode #221: Devon Massyn, Uncaged

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    LIsten in with Danny & Andy as we welcome the one and only filmmaker and producer Devon Massyn to UrbanJunglesRadio! Devon is responsible for some of the most amazing animal footage you'll see in wildlife documentaries and TV shows, especially when it comes to shark week!  We'll hear all about his filming adventures including some of the incredible encounters that he almost didn't walk away from!  We'll also chat about Devon's consevation efforts with Herp Conservation International a non profit organization looking to establish a wildlfe refuge for endangered reptiles and other wildlife. Tune in and listen to the dread locked awsomeness that is Devon Massyn.

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    DrBraulio Dias on "From The Top" with DrCal

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    Dr.Braulio Dias on “From The Top” Thursday, June 23, 2016 3PM EST
    Musicians for Biodiversity Inc. “Update’: this week on Thursday at 3PM EST our guest will be the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
    . This is the time of year when we have a conversation with this leader to get some understanding of where we stand.We will speak about the targets set in 2011, that must be reached by 2020 with United Nations decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020..
    I have a group of artist who support the effort to bring awareness to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss.
    “From The Top” is part of the way to engage everyday people to “do what they can where they are.”
    We need real answers! Join the conversation and see where you can be a part. This is not for Scientist and politicians, this is for real people who care about the future, find out what this is really about. The interview will be recorded live, so you can call in to ask a question or make a comment.
    DrCal Host “From The Top”

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    Acupuncture at an Affordable Means

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    Andy Wegman is a licensed acupuncturist in New Hampshire. He graduated from Stoughton High School, Stonehill College and The New England School of Acupuncture all located in Massachusetts. He is very lucky to have worked as an acupuncturist in Manchester for the past 16 years.
    Andy established Manchester Acupuncture Studio (MAS) in 2007 as a way to offer affordable health care in the Greater Manchester, NH area. By employing a community acupuncture social-business model,  MAS has been able to accommodate people of broad financial means, while maintaining effective and safe treatment protocols.  However, they are hardly alone in this endeavor towards increasing availability of affordable acupuncture.
    POCA (The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture), is a multi-stakeholder cooperative owned by patients, practitioners, clinics, and supporters of community acupuncture. POCA’s goal is to make acupuncture available and accessible to as many people as possible and to support those providing acupuncture to create stable and sustainable businesses and jobs. POCA Tech  - the educational arm of POCA – a couple years ago, they received approval for operations through the Department of Education in Oregon.  POCA tech's first goal is to create entry-level training programs for acupuncturists that are affordable to prospective students of ordinary incomes.
    Andy is the author of our easy to read, award-winning book  -  Why Did You Put The Needle There? The most common questions asked by people new to acupuncture.  The book is available on Amazon.com and for free as an e-book and audio-book on the MAS website.  He and his colleagues at MAS gave over 20,000 acupuncture treatments in 2013 alone and are soon to celebrate clinic birthdays in Manchester (#9) and Nashua (#3) clinics.

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    Coping In Flint: Tammy Loren with Syrah Enika Scott, Founder of Be You Campaign

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    Intro Audio
    Introduce Guests
    Tammy Loren
    Syrah Enika Scott #BeYouCampaign
    Flint Audio
    Thank you to our guests
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    Madison Star Moon - Now What?

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    Chemtrails are destroying the planet and killing everything living on it. Join us tonight as we discuss the different ways we can protect our world.

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    Episode 45 - #OperationTerraDistressia or Two Sides Of The Lopsided Sphere

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    Global warming AKA climate change is something that we've heard since our infancy is set to destroy the Earth. But how much of that is panicked alarmism, and how much of it is truly rooted in rational science. You turn on the news today and it seems every story that talks about any extreme weather pattern is attributed to man-made climate change. This week it's the drought in California, next week it's El Nino and too much rain in California. How can both be right? It seems that there are coherent arguments on both sides of the climate change spectrum. How can contradicting weather patterns both be attributed to climate change and if they are how can anything disprove this Theory and if it can't be disproven is it really science? What seems logical is the fact that humans have gone under the surface to extract carbon rich fossil fuels to use as energy which obviously creates more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which then are disproportionately in the atmosphere when they wouldn't have been otherwise. That much I think is indisputable. Where the climate change deniers seem to differ after this respect is where they say that CO2 does not trap heat or make the Earth's temperature rise. Or they insist that a rise in CO2 is not because of man which I think is nonsense. Regardless on which side of the argument you fall on, we should all be working towards a zero emissions world. Because regardless if it's causing climate change or not it's indisputable that its pollution and is detrimental to planetary health no matter what. We should also stop deforestation which is basically killing the lungs of the planet. And the United States needs to clean up its own house before it dictates what anybody else should be doing because we are one of the biggest polluters in the world along with China.

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    Episode 5. The Beekeepers Connection Show: Urban Beekeeping

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    Join hosts Robert Forto and Cory Cauvier as they present The Beekeepers Connection Show. On this episode we talk about urban beekeeping.

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    The Governor's Build Montana plan calls for a $200 million dollar investment of cash and bonds in 2017, to fund roads, bridges, water systems, and school improvements.
    Bullock is also proposing the creation of the Build Montana Trust, by using 75% of the revenue going into the state's Coal Tax Severance Fund, setting it aside for future infrastructure needs.
    It's the same mechanism that created the Treasure State Endowment Program and Rural Water Projects, two sub-trusts that will mature next year earning enough interest to fund projects in perpetuity.
    Bullock said addressing the state's crumbling infrastructure will be his number one legislative priority in 2017. 

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    Save Energy, Save Green

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    Mike Baruch Tucson Electric Power’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager
    Being energy conscious year-round creates efficiency that can help you to lower your electric bill. It just makes sense: The more you reduce your energy use by using energy efficiently, the more you can make a difference that you can see on your monthly bill — and for our environment. Do you suspect your duct-work may be leaky? Have you considered having a qualified mechanical contractor test your home for duct leakage? And if so, did you know that TEP offers customers incentives of up to $450 for duct sealing available through select contractors participating in TEP's Efficient Home Program? Join us to find out about this program and a myriad of other energy saving tips, programs and available rebates that can help you become a more responsible and money savvy home owner.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power.

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    Asteroids and Dinosaurs - Fine Art of Paleontology

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    Asteroids and Dinosaurs will be the topic of discussion on Natures Talk Show Fine Art of Paleontology discussion with Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman.Plate tectonics might seem like a routine topic from a 7th grade textbook, but in the 1970s, plate tectonics was cutting-edge science. The theory had only gained widespread acceptance over the previous ten years and subsequently attracted scads of scientists looking to open up new intellectual frontiers. Walter Alvarez was one of them, but his research into plate tectonics was destined to be sidelined. An intriguing opinion would eventually lead him, his collaborators, and the rest of science on an intellectual journey across geology, chemistry, paleontology, and atmospheric science — towards solving one of the great mysteries in Earth's history: What happened to the dinosaurs?
    On Monday April 18th 2016 at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.
    Thank You,