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    #3-DW | Did you see that?

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    Spend some time with Dave Wilkerson as he shares why being "Direct" is a good thing. Why being "Direct" helps people succeed instead of spinning their wheels with life. It'll prove interesting how Dave spins his morning show so make sure you just listen.
    This week Dave will be sharing his view on "Observation".

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    Revealing Conversations with Petra Nicoll and Guest Sue Relihan

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    Guest: Sue Relihan SueRelihan.com email Sue at info@suerelihan.com 
    Is Your Lack of Self-Care Impeding Your Profits? Studies show that small business owners who enhance their self-care increase their business profits.
    Sue Relihan spent 26 years as a police policy expert; often traveling to inspect law enforcement agencies around the country. During the same time she was in a dysfunctional relationship with a man that would not acknowledge her publicly. In 2009, a near death experience caused her to stop and re-evaluate her entire life. 
    Sue didn’t understand the depth of the dysfunction of her life until she faced her own mortality and realized she needed to make serious life changes. In her book Metamorphosis, she shares the story of her own troublesome journey with the hope to motivate and inspire you to look at and evaluate your own life choices.
    Sue loves to empower small business owners to increase their profits by enhancing their self-care plan. Sue has supported many people in establishing and/or updating their self-care plan by using Hypnotic Coaching.
    Your Host: Transformational Story Coach, Petra Nicoll Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra’s Ashes: A Transcendental Journey (2016 release) and have made her who she is today – a compassionate, insightful and loving being who can help you rise like a phoenix and soar!
    Get Petra's FREE Meditation MP3 at PetraNicoll.com

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    Dorie Clark: Strategic Communications

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    If you can imagine your future, you can create it. Dorie Clark, who writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review, describes the essential elements for this process:  insightful self-inventory;  awareness of your unique and essential values;  crafting a new narrative.
    Dorie Clark is President of Clark Strategic Communication, a marketing and communications firm doing brand development work with clients as diverse as Google;  Yale University; and the National Park Service.
    Clark served as the New Hampshire Communications Director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign,  and as the Press Secretary for former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s campaign for Governor of Massachusettes. She  teaches campaign management, media studies, and government at Emerson College, Tufts University, and Suffolk University and is a media trainer for the grassroots advocacy group Democracy for America.

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    Lisbeth Calandrino talks about the importance of Small Business Saturday

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    Entrepreneur Lisbeth Calandrino talks about the importance of Small Business Saturday
    Lisbeth has been an entrepreneur since the age of 5 hosting her own “theater productions in the backyard,” and managing her grandfather’s fruit stand at the age of 9. With a degree in psychology and no formal business experience, she quit her college teaching job and opened the first of seven carpet and furniture stores. Over the next fifteen years, Lisbeth spent her time developing a unique “liquidator brand” and built sales and customer service programs until the sale of the businesses and her retirement in 2000 and off to several new careers. 
    She is no amateur in raising money. Her credits include over $150,000 for a program for woman in recovery, $200,000 for an international flooring design magazine and over $300,000 to launch and international area rug company. She is known for her ‘no box thinking’ and was the winner of an international contest for the launch of homeopath medicine. 
    Lisbeth has been teaching sales and customer service programs. She is presently working on a program for first time entrepreneurs and small business owners. She was instrumental in developing and managing a program for men and woman in recovery where she raised over $200,000 to develop housing mentors for the participants.

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    It's Not Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

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    I hope you are not someone that feels you are too old to follow your dreams! No I am not calling my special guest old but she is someone that prooves that age ain't nothing but a number. Deborah Delk is a nurse, comedian, and a speaker. She started her career in comedy later in life but following her dreams years later has meant nothing but success. Not only is she funny but she has a lot of words of wisdom that I think would be great for anyone listening.
    It's Never too Late to Follow Your Dreams!
    Tune in this  Wed at noon EST on your lunch break!
    Connect with the network on facebook and if you'd like to join Christian Women's Business Network, visit here:

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    May Opportunity Event

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    Epicure CEO Amelia Warren and Vice-President Sales & Marketing Melanie Hayden-Sparks talk about the amazing Epicure Inspired Opportunity. 
    This 30-minute call will feature a special guest testimonial, and tips on how to start a successful new business.

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    Jim Pagiamtzis shares his experience on reading books and issues a challenge!

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    Jim Pagiamtzis shares his experience of reading books and issues a challenge!
     - The importance of reading
     - Review on my blog and giving away
     - Ask Authors to review books
     - Display books at Coworking spaces

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    Karen Rands on Seed Stage Venture Capital from Angel Investors

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    Karen Rands on this Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will feature the companies that will be participating in the Start-up Round-Up event in Atlanta sponsored by LAUNCHfn, NBAI, and iStanta, a seed stage capital fund. As a special guest, we will feature Matt Oguz of the iStanta Fund to talk about having a VC mentality in the SE Angel Investor Market. We will also hear from a few of the companies that will be showcased at the NBAI Angel Investor Member event the following evening. We'll explore the difference between investment decisions at the start up and the emerging growth stages.

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    Communicating Honesty, Integrity and Trust

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    Join author, blogger and mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares the importance of integrity, honesty and trust in business. She also shares how to communicate trustworthiness. Sharon shows you how to do business successfully!
    Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Women Enjoying Success radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.
    You'll want to purchase your copy of Sharon's Paperback and Kindle ebook,   
    How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed: www.amazon.com/How-Give-Yourself-Power-Succeed/dp/1519497504/ available as a paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com
    Sharon's Author page on Amazon.com where you can check out all her Paperback and Kindle books, Sharon's Author Page
    Sharon's blog Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves.com
    Subscribe to Sharon Newsletter Unlimited Success For Women: http://UnlimitedSuccessForWomen

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    CEO, Author and Screenwriter Amonty

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    My name is Lamont Wheeler/ Author Amonty. I'm the C.E.O of  Mystery Eyes Publications. I'm  from Cleveland Ohio. I started off as an Actor for 7 years then I became a playwright for 12 years but my true passion was writing books. I spend years learning my Craft and spent a lot of money with the wrong people. I told myself when I get some experience under my belt, I was gonna help authors that's driven like me to build their brand and becoming a house hold name, So here I am lol.
    Personal Life....I have 2 daughters that's the age of 6 & 16 but my oldest daughter lives in Atlanta Ga. I love to laugh and have a good time because life is good and short.

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    Behind the Lens: A Conversation on Concepts and Styling with Maha Burney

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    Join us as we have a casual conversation with Creative Director and Stylist, Maha Burney, of Nadir Feroz Khan (NFK)