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    Sparkle E Entertainment CEO Evette Dabney In Madame Perry's Salon

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    Evette Dabney -  "Sparkle E" - owner of Sparkle E Entertainment & Promotions of Los Angeles, California, uses her background as an SAG-AFTRA actress with a warm, enthusiastic, and energetic television personality for successful event promotion services. She is an Emmy™-nominated news talent, intriguing writer, and creative force of nature with years of on-air experience.
    Her exuberant personality and polished delivery make her a talent to remember, and one that is highly capable of covering a wide variety of subjects in a unique way that will immediately command the audience's attention. This wise soul stays up to speed with current events and the latest developments in entertainment, pop culture, television, film, fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle trends.
    My wonderful sponsors: Alook's Cool Place In Outer Space from Koolamundo; and Doug Cash performing Emotional Treason.
    Get more info on how Lone Wolf Communications, LLC can promote your books and music.
    Theme music 'Miss E's Vacation' composed and performed by Denton Perry.
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    Friday Night Jam # 50 Season Finale

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    Hang with us one more time, for the Season Finale of Friday Night Jam. Guest: Charay Vaughn. (Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Talk Show Host, Writer, Producer, Director & Model) Guest Appearance By: Jennie Linn. Plus, The final What's In The News?, The FNJ Entertainment Report and much more. So spend your last Friday Night with us! Hosted by Edgar"The Talented One" Alexander. Maggie "Uplifted" Jackson. Featuring  Guest Entertainment Reporter: Tiffany Brooks. Tune in and enjoy! (c) 2016 RBE Radio Network. All rights reserved. Season Finale. Program Note: The series is going on hiatus.

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    Beyond the Airwaves Episode #426 -- All-Out MAD LIBS & Trivia Friday Night!

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    This is Beyond the Airwaves: The Infinity Project, where we go beyond the mainstream media and tackle issues that don't seem so important to the major networks. Since all the shows Oddball Extreme watches are finished for the season, we're going to devote Friday nights to all-out fun with a full hour crazy trivia! We'll utilize all the sources to find some fun trivia to keep our minds as sharp as possible! Our Team: Frodo Ikari (Founder and Creator) Shirley "Oddball Extreme" Burton (Regular Host, Learning PR Meister, and Walking Encyclopedia of Useless Knowledge) Mike "King of Hearts" Boyens (Monday night host and anime/manga/gaming expert) "Tokusatsu Tim" Schoon (Tokusatsu and paranormal expert) Janet "AZ Magician" Simmons (Regular contributor and team comedienne) Christina "Eyeshine" Cavuoti (Regular contributor) Visit our official website at http://beyondtheairwaves.weebly.com and don't forget to join in the conversation on the forums located on our official website. We want you guys and gals, the fans, to tell us what's on your mind and what you feel is important to cover, so let us know what you want to hear.
    **All sound effects are protected under fair use provisions and are NOT intended to create any copyright infringement.**

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    Encouraging the You in Success - Culture, Part 4

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    Encouraging the You in Success - Culture, Part 4
    On tonight’s Encouraging the You in Success, Doug and Jen will continue talking about how to change a culture through John Kotter’s eight-step approach and step three, which is Create a Vision for Change.

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    Tune in Mon. 7/25/16 at 6:30 pm-7. Guest is CAROLYN SMITH  Topic is "ASIB 8 WINNER Speaks on her Summer Madness"  A STAR IS BORN 8 took place on 7/9/16 at White Eagle in Bpt, CT. 2016 NEW STAR DIAMOND IS CAROLYN SMITH OF BRIDGEPORT. WE NEED YOUR HELP AS WE WENT IN A REAR 1875 FOR ASIB 8. HELP US BY MAKING A CONTRIBUTION AT PAYPAL OR SQUARE CASH cash.me/$Ditr please. Looking for angel investors, and funding for future projects and promoting new winner.
    Help us raise funds for DITR by getting our DVDs, my Ebooks, or donating. Go to PAYPAL at clhumphrey@rocketmail.com under Cheri Humphrey or send to address: DITR, PO BOX 13, NORWALK, CT 0685.
    WEBSITES: http://www.stamfordct.gov/youth-services/webforms/youth-serving-agency-directory#D & http://www.ditrfindingthespiritinme.org
    New column: http://www.stackstreet.com/talk2memedia (see 1st article on MLK March in Stamford 1/18) profile page /ditrtalk2memedia .Formerly the Bridgpeort Christianity Examiner, & CCN writer/editor.
    twitter @CLH328 or @TALK2CHERI

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    Syndicated radio show host Rich Appel Live to air!

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    Join host Brad Joseph, in this exclusive interview with the writer for Billboard Magazine and author of  Book of Days 60s and 70s,  renown disc jockey Rich Appel Live to air!http://www.thatthingshow.com/
    Rich Appel has his own syndicated radio show that airs in over 44 staions in the usa as well as Canada.
    Rich will be taking us all down memory lane and talking about the pioneers of rock n roll, and how music has changed from the 60s 70s to the music today.https://youtu.be/FtsVKSzdzSc
    Has the real music been lost in the shuffle of beat machines, added effects, and computeurs mp3s and mp4s and the list goes on and on. An era of music lost but never forgotten and how it has had on effect on some of the writers and musicians today.
    Join us will you in this live to air broadcast with live call ins and real time chat, You dont want to miss this one.

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    Truf Bros. Radio: SHOTS FIRED!!!

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    Trigger happy Cops with a bloodlust for Blacks just took the Terror Meter up to 10!  Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are the lastest victims to be served by Law Enforcement, we do these shows so much now we're just sick.  So we're going to do something a little different, we're gonna cover this story like normal, but we are also going to make you guys out there an offer.  An offer that well help us cope with a Country that hunts people of color, that feeds on our fear and oppresson.  We'll talk about the so called Good Cops who only want to do thair job in peace and The Community leaders who always talks us off the cliff.  This Topic isn't going away anytime soon, we need to hear all of you out there, all people who give a damn should be calling in!  Tell us what should be done about this, tell us what you think of our offer and most of all tell us your TRUF!

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    In The Spotlight with Host Marta Moran Bishop

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    July 16/2016, straight from the UK, Jennie Bonita, the sensational Singer & Entertainer. Jennie, is widely known for her Gloria Estefan Tribute. With her is the Awesome Singer, Author, Poet, Kevin Swarbrick, join host Marta Moran Bishop on 'In The Spotlight.' A Red River Radio Production.
    Jennie and Kevin will discuss how they met and became a singing duo. Where the songs originated from, life, love, terrorism and FATE.
    Original Music is from the album FATE by Kevin Swarbrick. Sung by Kevin Swarbrick and Jennie Bonita.

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    EPISODE 19: SOAPS IN REVIEW #BoldandBeautiful #YR #GH #Days

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    WELCOME TO TAKE 2 RADIO SOAPS IN REVIEW         This show is on the 2nd & 4th THURSDAY of the month at 7PM EASTERN TIME! 
    EPISODE 19: Take 2 Radio Soaps in Review: Thursday, July 14th at 7pm eastern: Join us in the chatroom and call in with your thoughts on your fav soap.  JOIN DAVID, LIZ, CAROLYN, LISA, AND TAMARA as they discuss what's been happening on The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless   Whether you watch all 4 or just one they be reviewing all of the soaps and we welcome calls from the fans to give their thoughts! CALL IN 1-718-506-1540 PRESS 1
    Follow on twitter @take2radio @T2RSoapsReview @Take2RadioCrew @MsElizabethLong @BarefootBlonde5 @Blake_Dupler

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    Feel The Sensation - A Horse is a Horse of Course (V1 E6)

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    Join RaGan "RaGu" Richards on the very 1st show of Feel The
    Sensation. He will   be talking with Tom Roddey of the Charlies
    Horse Band. (V1 E6)

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    Part II of Who's in the "Side Piece" lane? (Calling out Women and Men)

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    We ran out of time in our first episode so we're doing this, again! Guest Hosts-Rodney King (Jody) and Concelo Cruver will help me drive down the Side Piece lane.
    #DPursuitIsReal #TellingYouWhatIThink 

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