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  • 02:31

    RHAPpy Hour | Nicole Franzel | Big Brother 18 Retrospective

    in Television

    Jordan and Taran Armstrong are joined by Nicole Franzel (BB16, BB18) to break down her game week by week during her time in the Big Brother 18 house. After talking about Nicole's preparation before entering the house for a second time they get into:
    How well she had known Paulie prior to playing with him What it was like to work with Frank early on How she managed to get back on track following Zakiyah's eviction in Week 7 The subtle move she made to convince Natalie to flip on Paul and Victor Her response to people who don't believe she was worthy of the win And much more! Subscribe to the RHAPpy Hour to make sure you never miss an episode!
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  • 00:05

    What Happened to Dopple?

    in Comedy

    Hey guys, sorry this took so long, but here it is: An explanation of why we stopped releasing content. Life has gotten in the way and certain members of Shark Dropper Studios left to pursue their own goals. Maybe eventually we will return to complete season 3, but as of right now Dopple is on indefinite hiatus.  If you want you can check out Atlas Avenue Beat which is a remake of Dopple Avenue Hurt and released by Robert's new company 7 Lamb Productions. You can go here to see all of the audio dramas that are produced by 7 Lamb: www.blogtalkradio.com/sevenlamb
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email us at either:
    Thanks for being fans!! 

  • 01:45

    Drunk Dialing 3.07 We won't back down

    in Entertainment

    Drunk Dialing gives each and every listener a chance to become the star of the show. Typically Ted takes to Twitter to establish a weekly theme which has included such off-season topics as ‘Scary Stories’, ‘Worst Drunk Injuries’ and ‘Changing the Result of a Championship Game.
    Tonight the Cyhawk game happened and well yeah, lets go.

  • 01:02

    TonyTalk- 9/9/18

    in Entertainment

    Hello, What do you hear, What do you say? It's me..Tony. Some of you call me Tony..others call me Tony Gaga, But everyone calls me Uncle Tony. After starting this show, I realized that many people that have called in are indecent, rude, filth mouths and stunads. That's no way to get through life. There are so many of these kinds of terrible people in the world. some of them are just naturally terrible..others cannot help it. If there is a glimmer of hope, I.. your friend Tony, can and will help you. As I say, I dont wear a cape, I am no hero, I am just me. Tony. If you need anything please feel free to E-mail me at TonyGagaTalk@yahoo.com. I will address your email on the air and others can learn how to handle your problems through faith and life lessons. Feel free to call in as well at 267-521-0181. Visit www.Blogtalkradio.com/tonytalk1 for schedule shows and information.   Best, Uncle Tony

  • 01:38

    18. The Season 2 Trailer

    in Television

    Rick, John, and Virginia talk about the season 2 trailer, the casting news, and the future of CBS All Access.

  • 01:30

    Swope's Picks episode 32 - Tucker & Bruce vol 3: The Reveal

    in Comedy

    e flash back to April 2018...people texting in that Tucker and Bruce are the same person...Tim thinks unfortunately the rumor is true based on the people texting him...Daddy Padre calls in to re-live his fake Alec Ogletree call, Iggy explains the Becky Weisberger saga, Swope has been investigating Tucker vs Bruce and calls in to provide analysis. You wanna talk Tower Tee? Pat Dolan is on notice. Tucker calls in and disputes Swope's claim that he's divorced. Swope asks Tucker if he works with Shvetta and Rokas, Tim asks Tucker if he's Bruce and Tucker confirms it's true and then goes into Bruce. He's also Caller JR, caller RJ who was on an all night bender, and a sitcom savant named Richard. Matt Who Bowls at Hanks ships an EOTD ensemble for the ages. Tucker comes out for TMA Live and performs as several characters. We're joined by Caller Tucker to discuss his thought process on that morning leaving up to the call, and the basis for the Tucker persona. Mashup features Doug, Ashley, Luke, Tim, Iggy, Larry, Cat, Charlie, and Chris Flowers.

  • 00:58

    Weekend of Sep 14, 2018 (Fall Week 2)

    in Movies

    On tap:
    SPECIAL GUEST: Carlos Estrada (Napalm)
    New Releases: The Predator, A Simple Favor, White Boy Rick, Unbroken, The Wife
    YAFI: Favorite Color Movie - Burdell
    Matthew McConeliminator
    Rotten Tomato/Tomahto: 50/50 vs The Town
    Thunder Round, Community, and Song
    Make sure you join the FML My Life League on Fantasy Movie League!
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fmlpod
    Website: https://fmlmylife.wordpress.com
    Twitter: @fmlpod
    Instagram: @fmlpod
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  • 00:46

    The 2nd Simply Syndicated Movie Quiz

    in Movies

    We're back with more questions about movies.

  • 00:27

    Juggling the Jenkins - Waking Up Blessed

    in Radio

    LIVE 9AM(ET) August 22, 2018 – Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins will be on Waking Up Blessed Radio Show. Starting Our Day With Inspirational Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope. Need help with substance abuse treatment? Please Call (800) 280-2418
    Her story had such an overwhelming response from followers that she decided to share other stories of recovery submitted by people from all over the world. Check Out Tiffany's Book High Achiever: The Shocking True Story of One Addict’s Double Life  
    Need Help With Substance Abuse? Please Call (800) 280-2418

  • 00:11

    History of the Mafia

    in Entertainment

    Before we discuss the Mafia psychopaths and hitmen, it is important for you to understand where the modern-day Mafia came from - its roots, how it works, and why these men could do what they did for so long and why they did it.  Anthony. Disclaimer: This episode may not be appropriate for all audiences. It's subject is the Mafia of course. 
    This is an American Crimecast Productions, visit us at ACCProductions.org. 

  • 01:59

    The PBPP who we are

    in Radio

    Who are the PBPP and why was the party started? There are many Panther Partys what makes this one different?tonight their ideology and philosophy explained,a history of it's creation and why it's founders felt the need to establish the PBPP,join us tonight as we discuss this and more

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