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End of All Hope

End of All Hope


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A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

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Here it is. The extra-long season finale of End of All Hope. Ava and Mark are still trapped, but try to get Melissa to free them before Adam and the rest of the family do something drastic. Can Ava talk her way out this time? Mark seems... more

Ava, Mark, and Carson are still trapped in the basement. Carson understands the severity of the situation and demands they come up with a plan of escape. But before they can figure things out, Adam pays them a visit which changes things... more

Thrashers arrive forcing Jay, Ambridge, and Harris to hide in the car. When most of the creatures disperse, they decide to hightail it out of there. But not all the thrashers are gone, and several of them give chase! Don't forget to follow us on... more

Ava and Mark have been kept in the basement, unsure of their fate. After several hours they meet a few more family members who help feed and take care of them. But how long will they stay chained up? Music: "Immersed"... more

Jay, Ambridge, and Harris continue west, but travel isn't easy. They are forced to divert and head south to avoid a large ship spraying some unknown substance. What do the alien visitors have in store? Don't forget to rate and review! Music:... more

After tripping the alarm, Ava and Mark run for their lives. Sadly, they don't make it far. Ava and Mark are captured and find out just how ruthless Adam and his family are. Don't forget to rate and review!! Music: "Before Dawn," "Awkward... more

Ambridge, Harris, and Jay continue west. After a bunch of meandering, they decide to stop at a rest stop for the night. The only two people they see are a middle-aged couple living out of their RV. The couple invites the group over for... more

Ava and Mark are spared their lives, but all their supplies, along with their truck, are now gone. Both Ava and Mark are at a loss for what to do. Mark gives Ava some options which ultimately leads them back to the crazy farmers. They... more

After seeing the huge ship outside, everyone has mixed feelings about what to do. Jay is now scared to travel west alone, but he may have company soon. Harris and Ambridge talk about reaching their families, much to the dislike of... more

Vehicles are hard to come by ever since the invasion started. While Ava and Mark continue west, they find that multiple people want their truck and will go to extreme means to get it. Music: "Ever Mindful," "Immersed" Kevin MacLeod... more