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Melanie Tonia Evans is an author, radio host, relationship and dating expert and coach. She’s the author of the books Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and Take Back Your Power. Melanie’s work resulted from her own nearly fatal experiences with narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and relationship addiction. Melanie is now a world expert on empowering women and healing painful love. Her deep core writing, teaching, coaching and healings are now liberating women world wide to stand up and take back their power in order to create a life of deservedness whereby they can attract and sustain genuine and healthy love relationships. Heal the past. Heal yourself. Create real love! www.melanietoniaevans.com

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It near impossible to heal from narcissistic abuse when you are locked into the trajectory of just trying to survive ... Where everyday tasks such as going to work, making appointments, meeting with people or planning out your day can send... more

Many people believe if a victim of narcissistic abuse is asked to take responsibility for what happened to them – that they are being ?blamed? for the abuse they suffered. Naturally, there a large consensus assert this takes away the... more

This week's Empowered Love Radio Show is an interview with Sylvia, a regular and wonderful contributor to this Community. Sylvia's journey was narcissistic abuse ever since a child, starting with her mother - and then four narcissistic... more

During Part 2, we will look at how we go beyond the holding of the narcissist accountable to caring for us, and how we can start orientating towards and generating care for ourselves. Why is it NOT true that our life is reliant on... more

This question has been coming up so much in the Community lately, and it is certainly always a really big theme in the Private Facebook 3 Keys Groups. It is one of the most invasive reasons why people can stay hooked to narcissists... more

Are you at the stage where you are thinking about or getting ready to leave the narcissist? This can be an incredibly daunting time and there are so many questions one might have before trying toexert themself from the toxicty of a... more

This week's blog and radio show is a Thriver Show, about a wonderful woman named Nora, who is also one of the Senior Moderators in the NARP Forum. Nora's story is quite exceptional. Nora is a woman who suffered narcissistic... more

In Part 2 we will be covering in depth ... How the cycles of idolise, devalue, discard can also affect "normal" relationships (just as a different dynamic and level of intensity). As well as ... How to become up-levelled to a state where a... more

Idolise, devalue and discard is one of the most painful and horiffic experiences anyone can suffer at the hands of a narcissist. What is this deadly cycle really about? How does it play out? How can we break away and heal from this cycle... more

Katherine shares the fundamental 4 keys that allow us to become the person we must be to attract and maintain a soulmate relationship. You can sign up for her world-class event by clicking here: 4 Keys to Release Your Baggage, Blocks... more
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