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A global training academy and podcast series dedicated to encouraging creativity through heart-based living and ethical business practices.

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Zabe Barnes, Seashell Shaman and Energetic Healing Expert, is back on Emboldened Heart on Friday, February 28th at 1 pm Central Time! Join Malinda and Zabe for an enlightening discussion about the multi-dimensional layers of the human energy field. We will explore why some healing and empowerment methods work better for some people than for others and we will explore the best ways to strengthen and brighten our inner light so that we may serve as clear beacons for others. Benefits of a clear bright aura include improved health and well-being, greater ease in manifesting what we truly desire, increased vitality, and deeper happiness. Zabe Barnes teaches soul empowerment, sacred geometry, psychic surgery, and high dimensional ?magic? to spiritual seekers, energy healers, and healing teachers world wide. She is known as the Seashell Lady because she is most passionate about connecting people with the metaphysical powers of seashell spirals. Special Offer: Access Zabe's full free recorded course on the seven subtle bodies and how they affect all aspects of being. Receive a technique and tool for strengthening all layers of the aura. Knowing which subtle body to strengthen is an important key for any healing or personal empowerment process.
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