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Elevate The Soul

Elevate The Soul


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(WETS) We Elevate The Soul is directed towards preparing the village for transformative and sustainable change. We believe that our true work is to inquire inwardly, coming into understanding and wisdom, soulfulness and self-knowledge, the awareness of our gifts, the impacts of our wounds and fears, the role of illusion, separation, distraction and ignorance. If transformation is to really take root and provide for additional justice against all forms of self oppression we believe that we can find peace in hearing from ourselves through experiences and spending our own personal time in solitude and reflection. Our lives resemble a Mobius Strip (reflecting both the inner and public self intertwined) where the Ego wants to control. The truth will set you free.

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True, it is: we find ourselves living in the most auspicious of times, an era in which advanced scientific minds and other quantum theorists have pretty much proven the unity of all things. True it is: scientists give much better demonstrations... more

Have you ever wondered why we would keep on criticizing ourselves to no end for a given error, as if we really believed that being harsh upon ourselves was going to promote change? Yet that belief contradicts the current findings of... more

That exact discussion – I am what I see created – goes to the core of Language & Syncing, the page we are about to explore. That form of synchronicity is addressed by psycho-energetic sciences that speak of the... more

First and foremost, we would like to send you our best wishes for 2015: may it be THE most fulfilling ever! As for us, we are looking forward to emptying our ?cup? a little bit more with each session, as we're experiencing the... more

We trust this message finds you enjoying the season! In the spirit of celebration for the transition to come. We have been quite busy preparing many gifts for you – actually, for all of us. We are pleased to share several exciting... more

Albert Einstein has the best quotes ever! Here is one: ?If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I... more

Clearly, the purpose of this newsletter is to invite whomever feels called to a shared introspection of the Power to Trans-Form – a Power which lives in language: the more I change the story I tell, the more results of my... more

THE Decision: is XPR calling you? Are RAW (Ready-Able-Willing) to contribute to the work of transformation, starting with your own transformation? Do you have the capacity to integrate your belief systems, using multi-modal access points... more

Page 47 - Promise of A Global Cosmology In addition to the weekly format of The New Essenes; this evening's show allows you to feel your way around the Mouth. Join us each week as we expand into a deeper kNOWing. The New Essenes... more

Exploring page 46 - There is No Individual Enlightenment: Only a Collective Enlightenment The New Essenes is a gathering of ordinary people practicing deep introspection as a way to solve everyday problems. Our inquiry is based on the... more
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