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EFT Radio - Everything For Transformation: podcasts on self-healing and peak performance. Topics range from energy medicine psychology, relationships, weight loss, parenting, aging, sports performance, pets & animals, trauma & pain relief, health, wellness, consciousness, personal growth, business success, productivity - hosted by top transformational coaches - www.EFTRadioOnline.com

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What are Forbidden Emotions and how to that put a lid on living your life fully? We all have them but for many of us we've learned there are certain emotions that are off limits to feel. When we stifle emotions, we shut down our creative... more

Are you always disappointed by other people? Do need to do everything yourself instead of asking for help? Maybe you don't like being dependent on other people? Do you take on responsibility after responsibility, even to the point of... more

It took me too long to realize the importance of having a niche! In my early years of practice I wanted to work with everyone; I was afraid it would be too limiting to specialize. What I have since realized is that by having a Niche, you attract far... more

Physical symptoms are the language of the body. If you are experiencing symptoms, then what is the body's message? Sometimes YOU are the ONLY ONE who can decipher this, and on this call you will learn how to better... more

How do you feel about Monday mornings? Are you in a job that is completely out of line with who you are and what you value in life? Did you know that 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with the work they do? As well as being a source of... more

This month is rich with opportunity as mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, and we celebrate the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest one in the southern hemisphere on December 21st. In today's broadcast... more

?Can I be highly sensitive and have a genuinely thriving business that feels good on all levels?? If you ask Allison Braun, that answer is an enthusiastic ?Yes!? Allison Braun is a Business and Success Mentor that helps soul-driven... more

What if you want to lose weight, but your core beliefs are holding you back? Join me for a fabulous interview with Law of Attraction expert Andrea Schulman. She'll share some powerful secrets to help you end the frustration and get you on track... more

Join host Marti Murphy as she discusses how you might be stuck in Waiting on Someday and how to Say F*ck it to Fear so that you can embrace what you already have and create what you truly desire and then learn how to release this.... more
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