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With 31 years of experience successfully treating eating disorders and related issues. We proudly announce the beginning of our new All Encompassing Dishonesty & Eating Disorders Shows including shame and faulty thinking. We released our Recovery Workbooks for Dishonesty, Anger, Anxiety and Eating Disorders and utilize our blogs & now Radio for support! Dishonesty Workbook will be worked through on Radio. You can find more information on Website: www.addictions.net Or Google Blog: http://addictionsnet-eatingdisorderrecovery.blogspot.com/

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Reasons for teen shoplifting There are several reasons for teen shoplifting. Some teens do it for reasons of rebellion, and others do it for the thrill. Being able to "get away" with something can be quite thrilling. Peer pressure is another reason for... more

We are proud to announce our NEW SKYPE SUPPORT GROUPS! Today we will be giving you a little information about these groups and finishing our series on Shame. I have assisted many many clients over the years learn they have the... more

We are going to begin an overview of shame and it's impact on individual's suffering with eating disorders. After working with clients suffering from eating disorders and their significant others I have learned many things. Some of those... more

This is such a very important aspect of the recovery process for someone who is shame-bound (as all eating disorder sufferors are). The emotion of shame causes extreme thought process distortions leading the individual into thinking and... more

Be Empathic And Understanding. The first step and most important thing to remember throughout your experience with a loved one who suffers from an eating disorder is to have empathy. The best way to describe empathy is that it... more

Today I will be reviewing 12 steps to negotiate the holidays while recovering from an eating disorder. The focus will be more on 'what to do' rather than 'what to avoid'. This presents potentially a very different perspective on the holidays. A... more

The Physical Component of Shame The sudden feeling strong shame is an overpowering experience. Most would love to respond to shameful situations with dignity, grace, and poise. If only our bodies would cooperate. Instead: * We feel... more

The holidays can be very stressful for someone recovering from and eating disorder. In our 1st part we discussed the importance of planning in decreasing the stress of these hectic days ahead. We also discussed briefly exercise, the... more

The holidays are often a stressful time for most - but add in attempting to cope wit the eating disorder and the holidays can push some right over the edge. The holidays presend a unique set of uncomfortable situations with family, friends,... more

This is a brief overview of what beginning the recovery process might be like. This Podcast pertains to the disordered individual - later ones will approach the recovery process from a friend or loved one's perspective.
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