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Valum Votan - Channel Earth

Introducing the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement


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This bilingual (English/Spanish) outreach education program (coined as the "peace through culture campaign for a new-time economy),"is sure to peak your interest! Please join us as we re-discover the treasures of the Earth Wizards Seminary held in Picarquin Chile in 1999-2000; courtesy of doctor(s) Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles aka Valum Votan & Bolon Ik. Time travel back to the EW Natural-Time Retreat as we dive into the Earth Channel to re-boot and re-attune ourselves with super recharged insight(s) and creativity. The initiation begins with new knowledge i.e. (28) twenty-eight meditations, 13 moons in motion & the power of prophecy - visionary tall tales and timeless inspiration await your arrival... Emerald insight(s) into the Mystery of the Stone, will spruce up your day with imaginative ideas, positive vibrations and a new language rooted in a fresh cosmology of light and sound... Explore the building blocks of biology, rediscover the Divine Plan, source the "lost chord" and probe for the hidden life force which unveils the elegance of the Synchronic Order and the Cosmic History Chronicles. Join us as we explore the code keys to the circumpolar rainbow bridge, docking Time-Ship Earth 2020 to our ultimate destination - a First World Peace... Time travel into a parallel Earth where "time is art." Buried beneath the rubble of ye' ol world (12:60) order (in the subterranean chambers of unconscious halls), a crystalline treasury has been carefully stashed for us to re-discover. The First World Prophecy for Peace has been carefully prepared, and is preserved in a castle of consciousness; The Temple of Inscriptions. The labyrinth of intelligence within, open's the time tunnels into the Noosphere and beyond. Journey through the temple mountain gate & recreate a "natural time retreat" in a forest near you; restore the human/planet holon, activate dormant DNA, "fetch" your l

On-Demand Episodes

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