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Dr. Shawn is a health expert and has been providing health tips for over 20 years. Including topics on nutrition, detoxing, children's health, hormones, menopause, digestive health, colon health, breast health and much much more.

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Shawn is a grandfather who, after discovering that vaccines could kill or debilitate a child for life, was compelled to research. Ultimately that led him to host the weekly radio/internet show, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust. The show airs... more

Dr.Shawn talks about the 11 Pillars of Health.

Got aching bones and joints? A cup of hot bone broth -- the real kind -- may be the answer! Chef Lance Roll -- a.k.a. The Flavor Chef -- visits the show to discuss the many benefits of bone broth, as well as how YOU can make it at home. On... more

Ashley Tudor, author of Sweet Potato Power, stops by the show to discuss how you can troubleshoot your paleo diet if and when you are feeling depleted. Topics will include: * Why sweet potatoes are the perfect starchy carb option * How to... more

This week on WBHC Radio, Dr. Tom O'Bryan returns to discuss Gluten and is it really bad for us? Learn more about Dr. O'Bryan at www.thedr.com Hosted by Shawn Sieracki of Whole Body Healing Center

This week on WBHC Radio, Dr. Tom O'Bryan returns to discuss lipopolysaccharides (LPS) -- a major component of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria -- and how LPS toxicity may be affecting your health.... more

Touching base with Greg Ciola again. We are going to talk about the 7 Dominos of Disease and how it relates to pH.

Greg Ciola, Editor of Crusador Newspaper, will drop by the WBHC to talk about his latest research in the 7 dominos of disease. This should be a very informative interview and will help wake you up to the many different factors that are... more

As men pass their 40th birthday, most will notice physical and emotional changes; soft abdominal fat takes the place of hard muscle; and even regular physical exercise doesn't produce the benefits it did in the past. WBHC Radio Network... more

WBHC Radio Network, invites Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness to the show. Sean Croxton is a health expert in the wellness world. He has spoke to many of the experts and has been around the wellness community for several... more