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Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel is a naturopathic doctor and expert in natural medicine. Join her for an informative show each week with a variety of guests in the realm of natural medicine.

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Showtime: Tuesday, November 22nd at 6pm PT / 9pm ET Interested in exploring yoga? Yoga has roots dating back to thousands of years ago and has a wealth of research supporting its healing effects on the body. Benefits include lower blood... more

Showtime: Tuesday, November 15 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET Come have fun on the airwaves with Dr Lo and Dr Holly Lucille, two friends and naturopathic doctors having a conversation about health and life. Topics include: • Nutrition and... more

Food can be friend or foe. It all depends on our experiences and our relationship with food. Sometimes, food can even be an addiction, causing moments of purge and patterns of overeating. Tonight on Dr. Lo Radio, we're covering a... more

You might not know this, but part of the reason I stick to a Paleo diet is because of my issues with my thyroid. My friend and my guest tonight, Elle Russ, literally wrote the book on how the Paleo diet can help those with thyroid problems... more

You've heard the quote. People aren't afraid of dying, they're afraid they haven't really lived. But what does it really mean to live? And how can we make sure that the living we're doing is drenched in happiness? My guest tonight, Matt... more

Digestive health is so key to feeling wholly healthy, both in your body and mind. So when things get stopped up, there's no limit to what can go awry. My friend Dr. Megan Taylor spends her days thinking about digestive help and making things... more

Educating ourselves on food labels, food information and the myths and truths of food marketing is imperative to deciding what foods are best for your body. My guest tonight, Amanda Morgan, is working to expose the fiction behind what we... more

Recovering from a brain injury – a topic that many of are affected by – can also come down to what you're putting in your body. My guest tonight, Cavin Balaster, actually had to rebuild his brain function after a shocking... more

Thyroid health can be a nebulous yet multi-faceted topic. But, there's no denying that your thyroid's health can impact so much of your body – and that your thyroid is impacted by so much of your life. Tonight, you'll learn: How thyroid... more

While I always knew the basics behind Ayurveda, it's *amazing* what I didn't know, and how much Ayurveda can help each of us become the best, healthiest, most thriving versions of ourselves. Dr. Michele Summer helped me realize... more