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Healing in a Toxic World with Lyon G. Zonamyari

  • Broadcast in Nutrition
Dr Karen Kan

Dr Karen Kan


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I see it all the time these days. The minute someone gets a scratchy throat, a sniffle, or a cough, they immediately think, “Uh-oh, did I just catch C?”

Here’s the thing, we’ve been taught from grade school that viruses are nasty germs that you “catch” from other people and that it’s now necessary to mask and sanitize to avoid getting sick.

What if that paradigm is incorrect, or at best, inadequate? What if viruses live inside our bodies all the time without making us sick? What if the germ theory from Louis Pasteur isn’t as accurate as the terrain theory from Antoine Beauchamp, and we’ve been “treating” people inadequately all these decades?

Why is it that some people get sick when “exposed” and others don’t?

I’m going on a deep dive about all these questions in an interview with my friend Lyon G. Zonamyari who is an Intuitive Holistic Healer and Names Doctor expert. He has been helping people heal from all sorts of chronic and debilitating conditions for decades. Flying a bit under the radar, he uses a combination of physical and metaphysical methods to help people heal themselves.

During this interview we will discuss:

  • Why both physical and metaphysical methods are necessary to heal deeply and profoundly, even when the diagnosis is grim
  • What viruses really are and are “not”, based on the latest science
  • Some of Lyon’s top strategies for staying well during cold and flu season
  • Lyon’s favorite home-made immune-supporting tea recipes
  • Which simple nutritional shifts can make a huge difference to your health
  • And so much more!

Learn more about Lyon and get a copy of his free health handbook at www.Healing-Reality.com