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Awake in the DREAM Radio with guest; Laura Chiraya Fox.

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM are pleased to bring YOU; Awake in the DREAM Radio, this week our guest is Laura Chiraya Fox.

Laura Chiraya Fox is an Author, Channel, Healer, Workshop Facilitator & Speaker whose divine-love focus assists people around the world in achieving self-mastery, clarity & deep, lasting integration of  spiritual principles with practical worldly application. The result? People’s lives change, for the better.
Laura is able to help people make real progress in moving through blockages and attaining success the areas of their life’s purpose, healing relationships & changing habits through tools, practices and healing sessions which cultivate spiritual awakening, mind-mastery, heart awakening and nutritional upgrades.

Laura’s direct relationship with Higher Guidance began in her late teens to be followed by years of study and practice in many of the world’s religious, esoteric and spiritual systems. Always a seeker, Laura began to work with a variety of teachers in her twenties, who activated her further into her healing abilities, reflected her inner power to her, and trained her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She tunes in with Prime Creator / Source / God, First Mother / First Father, Mother Earth & All Kingdoms of Nature, the High Selves of All Involved, The Star Elders of the Council of Human Enlightenment, the Kumaras, The Ancient Ones, and The Star Elders of the Council of Mu to bring in potent transformative messages that help us attain the Mastery we are seeking.

Her book "Love's Whisperings: A Treatise on Authentic Spiritual Development" is due out this year. Her first book, “Return To Center: That Address Now Known,” came out as a self-published self-help book in 1994 and sold 3000 copies. Now out of print, Laura anticipates the reprint of this helpful little book within the next year.