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Emotions r us for those who experience early life struggles of fear, shame, guilt or pain and/or emotionally age inappropriate moments. DrBev, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, offers common sense, life information to help you help you.

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DrBev, Am I a crisis junkie? I keep attracting Drama Queens. I feel like a magnet for sadness and misery relationships. How can I be addicted to feeling bad? Am I crazy? Don't people normally seek out pleasure rather than emotional pain? I... more

Have you ever had a misunderstanding with your Gurl and found yourself suddenly enraged or falling apart with intense tears? You thought that you were reacting to the present situation, but what was really happening is that an old,... more

Part two: Smooth talk may get a Bytch-B-Gone back into your bed. Know that betrayal, emotional violence and/or mental illness might crawl underneath the covers to rape your mind, one more, again. Join DrBev and Vonn Brown, Face... more

SAN FRANCISCO—Simone, 54, female, lesbian, white, urban. I was with my abusive partner, Tasha, for ten years. “The most recent incident occurred when I told Tasha that I didn’t want to go on vacation with her. She exploded... more

Special Exclusive Interview with Mike Hally, he is a 100% disabled Veteran and the main consultant, and trainer, with 53 years of experience with dogs, he has a way of "talking" and making the dogs respond. His life-mission is to provide... more

According to Patrik Jonsson(FB), here's pretty much what all of Atlanta, and much of the country, is talking about right... more

The rest of the story..."It Is What It Is, Dr. Liz and I will back with a part two of the last show. At the request of our listeners, we are thrill that so many of you responded in kind "I want to speak my truth and say what happen to me as a a... more

Contrary to this old saying, emotional abuse can severely damage a child’s mental health or social development, leaving lifelong psychological scars. Aside from the physical damage that sexual abuse can cause, the emotional component is... more

What!!! DrBev, how can I manage my difficult emotions without going postal? Hate. Pain. Revenge. Don’t want to love. Can’t love because…– Rasheed Lee’s emotions spilled out silently in the room full of Jacksonville youths torn by... more

You didn’t see it coming, What? What! One day, you are intensely in love. You’re cuddling on the couch, reading love poems, feeding each other strawberries and playing with ‘whip cream’. Love between two people is the most dangerous of... more
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