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Politics and Sociology

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Hints of intel and the dreams of a 'golden age'... Realy? Lucid dreams ring of them being, or becoming, The New Paradigme. The extraordinary number of good guys have been, and still are, working in and on, exactly everything all of us have been hoping for. Git Ready!
  • by DrakeBailey
  • in Education
  • 03:00
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Is, or can anyone look at the reality of things on the other side of The Vail? When you can see, what are you lookin at? Does this look like something very different than what you thought or were told? Time to pull that wizzard of oz curtain back... more

What 'role' do you play in all this? The script is obvious, just look back a few weeks. We need to rewrite the whole thing.

In 'religion', it is stated that a person can continue to be 'subject' and be 'punished' for eternity. Is that true? Who says so? Who decides? What 'authority'?

This goes to the idea that 'prophesy' is absolute. Destiny is your decision, exactly. You are exactly where and under the conditions, you have decided to be. Why does anyone allow themselves to be blown all over by every breeze of arbitray... more

This will be interesting. Find out if what we hear is accurate.

There has been a flood of water under many bridges, and a flood warning has been issued by our President. I'll go ahead and jump right in, I equate most of this flood to superstition. What is or is not real? Valid? What happened to 'truth'?... more

If you unwind a spring, a clock stops. If you unspin an agenda, politics stops. Time to make all the bad guys SWEAT! Put TRUTH serum in Washington DC's watter supply!

Too many are still asleep, way too many. All the things seen don't mean anything. Simply, America is, and has been, Broke. I'll be on Quantum Shift, KCOR radio tonight at 9p Est., with some details of actions taken dealing with it... more

Siege - a military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender. - a persistant or serious attack. Holding a mirror up to what you do, is different than looking in any mirror.