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Dr Ross Greene

Dr. Ross Greene


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Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

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Two primary questions were covered on today's program. Can a mom change the lenses she's wearing so as to better help her adopted adolescent daughter? Can another mom solve problems collaboratively with not one but two very active,... more

Parenting a challenging child is hard, but it can be even harder during the holidays. The Parents Panel -- along with a caller -- has some guidance to help you get through it all. This program is sponsored by Lives in the Balance... more

Lots of questions answered on today's program, but there was one key theme at the end: People -- kids and adults -- don't scream if they're confident their concerns will be heard and addressed.

Several different topics were discussed on today's program...among them, Dr. Greene received a call from a dad whose fourth grade child has been suspended from school...yet again. What should he do? That's what they talked about.

Lots of different topics covered on the Parents Panel today, including things parents can do to help schools transform school discipline...but a big part of the discussion focused on what it feels like to receive constant reminders from... more

Your child isn't the only one lacking skills...and s/he's not the only one learning new skills through Plan B either!

Unsolved problems can be hard to word...but if you want your child to respond to your efforts to gather information in the Empathy step of Plan B, some precision on the wording can be helpful. And that's not all Dr. Greene covered on... more

The Parents Panel covered lots of territory today, including the pearls of wisdom Panel members wish they'd been provided before they began their long journeys with their behaviorally challenging kids.

On this program, Dr. Greene spent some time talking with a mom whose son is diagnosed with ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Tourette's disorder...a very tough combination. How can she (and her son's teacher) figure out which... more

After a summer hiatus, Dr. Greene responded to questions today, and there were some good ones! How do you know you're using Plan B? What if your co-parent isn't on board with CPS? What do you do once your child is already in the... more