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Down To The Biz

Down To The Biz


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So, what kind of jobs are in the music,entertainment, and mobile industries? Who are the people that are doing those jobs and how did they get there? Down To The Biz answers that question with weekly interviews from the folks who do the work.

On-Demand Episodes

What is it like to manage content for a major celebrity? On this week's episode I talk to Rachel Hislop, Digital and Social Strategist for Parkwood Entertainment - the entertainment and management company founded by superstar Beyonce.... more

One of the most important of music marketing is the music video. They have become one of the most integral parts of the music industry. But how does someone start directing their own videos? What happens on a video shoot?... more

Ever wonder what actually goes into being an entertainment attorney? On this episode of Down To The Biz, I interview Jennifer Newman Sharpe, entertainment attorney and co-founder of Sparkplug - a platform that allows musicians to rent... more

What goes into being a label manager? What skills do you need to get hired for that job and be successful? Check out my conversation with Jeff Lanier, Label Manager at Chesky Records and learn all the behind the scenes maneuvering... more

Many people are looking for romantic and dating connections online. But what goes into creating and running a dating app? This week I talk to Lori Cheek, Founder & CEO of Cheekd. Cheekd reimagines online dating with a new app... more

Integrated marketing is a hot topic in the business world. But what exactly is it and how does it work? This week I talked with integrating marketing professional Denise L. Bennett. She works for One Soultion, a cross-platform brand sales... more

What goes into creating and running a successful music/lifestyle blog? How do you get all of the hottest songs? What do you have to do to create the platform? How does the blog get all of that great written content? What goes into... more

So you're a writer, huh? Or you want write a book? Or a stage play? Or a screenplay? This week I talk to Vivek Tiwary - #1 New York Times bestselling author, graphic novelist, and screenwriter of The 5th Beatle: The Brian Epstein... more

This week I talk to Bjorn Roche, Co-Founder & Technical Lead of Shimmeo. Shimmeo is an app that allows users fun and easy ways to create music videos. You choose a song, shoot your clips, and they automatically produce a video... more

On this episode I interview Kelly Snow, CEO of Mixette. Mixette has taken one of the most fun and iconic mediums of expression from the past – the mixtape – and transformed it into something fresh and new for the digital age.... more