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Down To Earth With Harriet Cammock discusses current events ranging from politics to education reform to homelessness and sex trafficking. Ms. Cammock also conducts exciting guest interviews featuring recording artists, community leaders, and political movers & shakers. Down To Earth airs live Monday -- Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on BlogTalkradio.com. You can also find Down To Earth on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. As a listener-supported podcast, your contribution helps make Down To Earth possible. Visit Ms. Cammock's website at www.harrietcammock.com/podcast to find out how you can support for as little as $0.99/month. Ms. Cammock is a three-time published author, public speaker, and advocate for an end to violence against women. Visit her website at www.harrietcammock.com to find out more.

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Although most college-educated people follow political updates by reading articles online, they mostly consume political information only as a way of satisfying their own emotional and intellectual needs. They are practising what researchers call "political hobbyism;" what they are doing is no closer to engaging in politics than watching SportsCenter is to playing football. Political hobbyists learn and talk about big, important things, and debate the issues on their abstract merits, as opposed to engaging in politics via being a memeber of a union, belonging to an organization, or attending political meetings. In other words, college-educated American people are not using politics as a methodical pursuit of power to influence how the government operates. Instead, politics is simply a parlor game for them.
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