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Dollar Collapse

Dollar Collapse


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Between the "Panama papers" and the DC Madam's customer list, we might be witnessing the end of personal (and corporate and government) privacy. The result? Less financial and geopolitical risk-taking and more gold buying. But... more

It's just about official: With corporate sales and profits shrinking and consumer spending flatlining, the US economy will grow hardly at all this year while the rest of the world will probably drop back into recession. The result: Massive... more

If easy money has stopped working, then what's left? Massive deficits, of course. Pressure is building on governments around the world to increase spending and pay for it with borrowed funds. Sound familiar? It should, since it's what they've... more

What do record corporate share repurchases, the rise of Modern Monetary Theory, China's attempts to support its currency and Europe's political turmoil have in common? They're all examples of big players on the global stage... more

Over the next couple of weeks the Chinese, European, US and possibly Japanese central banks will say things that move the markets. None of this will change the fact that the global economy is slipping into a deflationary depression, but in... more

Gold just finished its best two months in several years, and a prominent gold mining analyst has finally turned bullish. Meanwhile, the European Union continues to suffer the death of a thousand cuts, with Britain threatening to... more

Money is pouring out of banks and into home safes, leading to calls for the elimination of cash. Britons are thinking of leaving the EU, sending the pound sterling down and gold up (in pound terms). Silicon Valley unicorns are dying... more

Another Monday, another extreme market move. This time, though, underlying conditions are changing in an especially serious way. European banks are running into various kinds of trouble that, if not resolved in a hurry, might lead to... more

A few weeks of falling stock prices have led the world's central banks to respond in their usual way, with lower interest rates and easier money -- in other words with the same policies that failed to prevent the ongoing slide into deflationary... more

Last week's dead cat bounce ended with a thud on Monday. Oil plunged, stocks retraced more than half of their bounce, and a couple of manufacturing reports reinforced the sense that the US is tipping into recession. Meanwhile, political... more