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Dollar Collapse

Dollar Collapse


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Expect the UK to drop out of the headlines as it grapples with the nuts and bolts of choosing new leaders and untangling itself from the EU. The big news going forward will be the trend Brexit started, as other European countries consider... more

Brexit is dominating this week's headlines, but the event itself is less important than what it signifies, which is the increasing loss of faith in governments and central banks. Voters no longer trust big institutions to act in their best interest... more

With the terrorist attack in Orlando world markets have headed down. It's looking more and more likely that there will be a Brexit. What impact will it have? Will other countries follow? The system is ripe for a further unraveling. In its already... more

John and I discuss the upcoming referendum in California, where barring a conservative reformation in the state, will certainly pass. Recent polls show 60 percent of the public in favor. This provides and interesting contrast in... more

Watch Brexit, the Movie, to understand why Britain might just leave the EU -- and why other members should leave as well. Meanwhile, the Saudis are apparently out of money, the bricks and mortar retailers are out of customers and... more

Macy's reports horrendous earnings and Italian banks finally reveal their non-performing loans. Share prices plunge accordingly. China, meanwhile, admits that it's over-leveraged and promises to stop borrowing. In other... more

China's most recent borrowing binge didn't work. Japanese and European negative interest rates resulted in their currencies going up, not down as they hoped. Global growth is slowing. Inflation is nonexistent and debt keeps rising.... more

Combine record-high stock prices with weak corporate earnings, a too-strong dollar and rising turmoil in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the result is a dangerously vulnerable market. Time to go "risk-off", in other words. But don't... more

Goldman, Morgan Stanley and IBM release numbers that look, well, depression-like. Housing starts plunge, gold and silver spike, China's bond market seizes up, and Deutsche Bank prepares to name names in its gold manipulation... more

Most US companies will report earnings this month, and most analysts think the results will depressing. That's bad news for stock prices and might add to the (already considerable) pressure on governments to step up their stimulus... more