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Doctor Prepper's C.P.R. Talk Show is the premier Internet source for information related to Prepping, Individual and Family Preparedness, Self-Reliance, Micro, Urban, Suburban, and Ex-Urban Homesteading, and Survivalist. Whether you're an apartment dweller, urbanite, suburbanite, or ex-urbanite, Doctor Prepper interviews experienced, professional, and expert guests to inform, advise, enrich, and entertain you as you prepare for the uncertain future! Given the state of the Nation's financial wrangling, economic upheavals, political craziness, and moral issues dominating the news, perhaps it just makes sense, as never before, the we get prepared or become better prepared for the uncertain future... as well as for the certain future of continuing change. We're all survivalists--we need to become more capable of taking better care of ourselves and our community to assure we can endure the uncertain and certain calamities that are just over the horizon. We're neither doomsdayers nor gloomsdayers, but we can see the writing on the wall! Join us as we provide answers to the questions and you will gain useful and practical solutions for the problems created by the times in which we live! No religion, no politics, no political conspiracies, no gloom-and-doom, and no bull!

On-Demand Episodes

Tony interviews Shane Krauser, Founder of the American Academy For Constitutional Education, an organization deeply involved with preserving and protecting our constitutional rights from an increasingly tyrannical socialist,... more

Vinnie and Tony discuss the basics of the preparedness movement, how you have to THINK FOR YOURSELF, and step out of the Normalcy Bias. Vinnie discusses some of the nationally famous instructors he will feature at his... more

Tony Tangalos broadcasts his inaugural The Prepper Patch Radio Show live from Lance Baker's Arizona Survivalist Prepper Expo at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona. Tony interviews a number of Lance's vendors and... more

In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, you'll meet Sharon Peterson, a frugal mom and wife who says, "food finds its way into jars in my kitchen"! In this podcast, we're talking about mostly about canning but we find our way into... more

In this episode of Prepper Patch Radio, Tony interviews Sheriff Richard Mack about Second Ammendment Rights, where things are headed, and the things we can do to uphold the Constitution. Be sure to listen in!

Today's show is about the Arizona survival/prepper expo, military camouflage, iPhone 5s, and doomsday prepping. PreparedTimesMagazine.com PhoenixMilitia.com FamilyPreparednessExpo.com UndercoverSoftware.com... more

Earlier last month a man was driving his family in their SUV, when they were attacked by a group of motorcyclist. The man tried to drive away from his attackers, but the motorcyclist pursued the SUV, stopped it and eventually beat... more

What is ?Civil Defense? and why should you be involved? Since the Cavalry is NOT coming in a major nation-wide disaster, if you believe that individuals should be self-sufficient, shouldn't your town or community be self-sufficient... more

Is a Prepper Group for Me? What are the pros and cons to belonging to a group? How do I find or start a group? Is a group for everyone? Mark and Joyce discuss these questions and more on today's show. Mark A. Smith is an author,... more

Todd Walker is married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl and on this show, Todd talks about what his wife's cancer taught them about prepping. We also try to figure out what's most important: knowledge, skills or stuff, and, how bartering and... more
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