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This is a fascinating interview with Thornton D. “TD” Barns on topics that center around EMP and the effects such an attack would have on our society. Mr. Barns' new book, “EMP” joins his autobiography “My Odyssey to Area 51″. The contents of his autobiography were declassified by the CIA in 2009. At the opening of the show, James Stevens says he “is a classic military icon, and has had a glorious opportunity to be a part of the aerospace industry, the NSA and other things that are hot today. He was there at their inception and helped them grow up.

After graduating from High School he joined the Army where he served in Military Intelligence in Korea. Thereafter, Barnes attended numerous electronics schools in Army air defense missiles and radar. He served in Germany and then attended OCS at Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he sustained career-ending injuries during survival training. He participated as a field engineer on the NASA High Range in Nevada during the test flights of the X-15, XB-70, Lifting Bodies, Lunar landing Vehicles and in developing a nuclear rocket engine for manned flight to Mars.

He was recruited by the CIA for special projects at Area 51 in Nevada where he participated in developing the A-12 Blackbird planes for surveillance flights over Russia. While there he also participated in the early development of stealth technology. Since retirement, Barnes has worked with the CIA, various universities, and the Library of Congress to record the history of the classified projects in which he worked.

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