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healingPAQ promotes and teaches the universal laws of health plus the art and science of healing and wellness. Try these free podcast and guided meditations to get a taste of self-healing of existing conditions and to maintain your health, vitality and energy. Sample and taste highly energized Divine transmissions to heal your heart, soul and spirit with the power of self-healing. Amean and Eamen will guide you through healing meditations to open your heart and receive the joy and abundance of life. What would you like to improve on? We share tools, products, and services. Email wellness@healingPAQ.org and ask. * 1-on-1 Help http://www.healingpaq.org/services.html#eamen * Group Class http://www.healingpaq.org/self-healing.html * Reviews http://greatnonprofits.org/org/healingpaq

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Are living and personal boundaries A MUST? Why? How to recognize, set up, and honor them? What can we do when honored and/or violated? We'll briefly talk about the concept & misunderstanding rules and limitations and follow with a... more

Are you seeking or trying to trust and follow through on a new business idea or income venture? Are your ideas or intuition solid & good? Practice a different way of checking & balancing. Is there help? Email wellness@healingpaq.org... more

Making a decision with or without enough info can have quite different results. Spending time doing research is good. Where does it start, where does it end, what does it include? Practice with this guided meditation to know! What do you... more

"People Need To Know" is a phrase we hear often, specially from the media. Is it true? Why do we need to know? Is it the same in the private or public life? You choose with this guided meditation. - Email wellness@healingpaq.org - 1-on-1... more

We all have desires, wishes, needs and looking to fulfill them the best way possible. Does letting go help? Why does it help? How can we practice it? What happens when we do? Listen to get a taste of the process during this guided... more

A life filled with love, joy, peace, compassion, desires & dreams is ours for the taking. Ask for help with issues of physical body (weight, energy, performance, sleep, health), emotional body (calm mind, loving thoughts, deep sleep, less... more

We practiced and experienced with To Do vs To Create during the last few sessions. Many are used to making and using To Do lists. How do we make To Create lists? Choose a space to be and access quiet in, take the time in your... more

Continuing with our doing vs. creating experimentation, doing has a beginning, an ending, and expected outcomes. Our ever analyzing and wanting-to-know brain helps focus our efforts & energies in this process. The intrinsic... more

Creating vs Doing: A Personal Plan What are you looking for? Money, relationship, health, wealth, ... How will you feel when you have it? Why does that feeling matter? Today try it upside down: create/imagine your why,... more

Practicing & learning with ?To Create vs. To Do? for the week of Feb 9th, 2015. Call in, your spot on the call is open & awaits you. Best times of life & living are commonly about how we feel rather than what we do. Think birth: an extremely... more
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