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Discussions with Delia Farquharson

Discussions with Delia Farquharson


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Delia is a licensed Social Worker and Life Coach helping you achieve your goals and become your better self. Delia specializes in helping others Identify the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions.

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Let's talk about loss, the loss of my dear friend and neighbor Blanche. She taught me so much. Honoring the memory of my friend and how she chose to live her life. please join me this evening as we discuss this life event of death that we... more

Given the media representation of fathers, and the pending celebration of Father's Day, let's discuss the impact of fathers. Are they necessary for healthy child development? join the conversation on the next episode of Discussions with Deli

So where does self confidence come from really? Are you born with it? Does it develop as you grow? Is confidence nurtured by others or created by the individual? Do we need self confidence to be successful in our lives? Let's talk... more

Can you believe it has been one year already since Nerissa went off to college? How has it been? What happened during this past year? Let's catch up with Nerissa on the next episode of Discussions with Delia

The simple question is what's going on? How are we doing? Are we distracted, are we not focusing on our priorities because of the antics of others covered in the media and elsewhere? Let's talk about that on today's episode of Discussions... more

Let's talk about that, does good parenting require that you become friends with your children? What is the nature of the parent child relationship that encourages healthy development in your child. Will having a friendship with your child... more

Based on his past and these released recordings we are certain that Donald Sterling is racist. I wonder how you describe his girlfriend? Do you believe this was the first time he expressed these feelings in her presence? I wonder what... more

It happens to the best of us, carefully laid plans, or just the expectation and hope that things will move smoothly. Not so fast. How do you cope with the unexpected visitor or development? Can you think and respond in the moment? How easily... more

Are you who you want to be? Are you living your best life, fulfilling your purpose as you see it? Are you standing in and facing your truth? How do we become our best selves anyway? Are there basic guidelines to help us achieve this... more

Decision making is an important part of healthy development. How do you make decisions? Do you consider the consequences of your decisions? How often? How does your decision making style impact that of the children and others you... more