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What is a bitcoin? When did these things come into existence? Who invented them? Where can they be used? Why would I consider using them? How can alternative digital currency change the world? We'll talk about it. Phone lines are... more

Is your bank account flat? Living paycheck to paycheck? If you were out of work for 3 months, could you pay your bills? How to save money every month, build an emergency fund, and sleep better at night.

Ever stopped to really think why we borrow money? Is it because if we had to save to get what we want we'd never have anything? Let's explore some ideas on how to live without borrowing money.

What if you never had to work for money? Imagine a life where all your needs are met. You have all the money you'll ever need to do whatever you choose. I'll discuss getting lack of money off your excuse list. The best thing you could ever... more

Money is all about exchanging energy. Eating a vegetable that comes from your garden is an exchange of energy. The vegetable receiving sunlight and growing is an exchange of energy. It's all about exchanging energy. Do you feel like... more

The US government is a corporation. The president of that corporation is Barrack Obama. Presidents of corporations aren't "elected" by anyone. They are appointed. You aren't voting for anyone or anything. You just think you are.... more

If you're contemplating a bankruptcy ask yourself what is the end result? Relief from payments you can't make? The ability to wipe the slate clean and start over? If you're afraid of filing bankruptcy you're afraid of not being able to borrow... more

What is it about paper and ink that fascinates us? I'm talking about laws. Laws start out as bills and eventually become paper with ink you are subject to obeying. If you don't obey, you pay. I'll argue the reason for most laws is money and... more

Need a dose of tough love about your finances? This episode might be for you. Time for hand holding is over. No more Kleenex and boohoo over our financial mess. It's time to hold our heads up and start acting like adults. Change starts... more
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