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Dee Dee


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Science & Spirituality a peaceful place where multiple realms connect, Jesus is real and life goes on. Every life form is welcome as we synchronise our frequencies to raise the vibration. Sponsored by Picture courtesy of

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Area 51, CERN, Epstein island Westminster Windsor WWW domination in tatters. Dracos reptilian, Archon, Greys finding it increasingly difficult to retain the stronghold over humanity. People are slowly waking up to the deception that has... more

I am a living woman, no man has the right to. my soul, to carry out scientific experiments on me or take away my freedom. No-one is above the law not even the King. Who gave you authority of humanity, Dominic Cummings - what... more

For many of you new to my energy you will be aware that I exposed the Government and the Secret Project Blue run by Dominic Cummings, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Boris Johnson. People are being wired together using DNA... more

It sounds too crazy to be true, all the major crime stories are linked to the Westminster Windsor satanic cult. The crimes are tied into the sacrifice, pedophilia, ritual killings and the mob. Hollywood created an illusionary world,... more

The next two weeks will be challenging as the occult scientists fight for my soul. Be prepared in all locations as they tend to vary in their locations to avoid a pattern. As you can clearly see from the current deaths that the fight for... more

Something so evil is attempting to change the human code through rituals and sacrifice. Those involved are tormented by this thing, it is so dark it manipulated and tricked the church. Those of you who innocently or naively joined the... more

The great deception at play running from Leicester Beverly Hills and Jamaica. Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Harry Windsor, Meghan Merkle and their team of occult magicians repeatedly forming soul ties with me. Every... more

Pet Detective insight into ritual killings, portals and how the occult magicians enter into biospheres. They are obsessed with hacking akashic records. Join me whilst I run through the recent killings and how they link with child trafficking Windsor... more

A team of hackers working around the clock to enter my biosphere through my grandchildren. They fail to understand karma of recognise the value of human life, the number of ritual killings out numbers gang violence. The majority of... more

No matter how they try to cover up the large scale corruption, each incident shows the depth of the swamp. Every single news event highlights the growing rise of social chaos globally at the hands of a few people. They... more