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Dee Dee


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Science & Spirituality a peaceful place where multiple realms connect, Jesus is real and life goes on. Every life form is welcome as we synchronise our frequencies to raise the vibration. Sponsored by Picture courtesy of

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The battle is on today for the 15 portal Success Hanover Jamaica Atlantean portal. Harry and Meghan are sitting in my back hoping that I don't realise. They are in sleep form or Z, the occult scientists sitting inside them forming a... more

What is happening and why? Listen to my podcasts and try to understand what is unfolding and how you can change it. The shadow government are magicians, occultists and murderers, they found access to my biosphere through sacrificial... more

Most people will find some of the information that disturbing and wonder what happened to humanity. The CERN experiments over the years have opened portals to energies best left to the movies. The battle for the binding relationship... more

How do we know what is real when everything seems so false. Join me for 15 mins to explain show you the way through the storm. The G7 world leaders join together in Camp David to join forces with the Windsor family in an attempt to... more

They key your future into the main computer before you are born. It isn't a generation curse, it's deliberate hacking of your energy fields to create your life based on their illusion. The computer games 'sim city' you decide the character... more

Found a brilliant article today exposing Jeffrey Epstein and the land purchase in Mexico used to connect with the Mexican border. Don't take my word for it, look at the document and understand the relevance of portals. The '37' portal used... more

Who built the arc Noah, Noah, who built the arc brother Noah built the arc. The devil moved into the church and deceived many of the pastors, they believed they were speaking to God, worshipping the Pope Vatican only to find they were... more

Black magic, drugs, ritual killings, theft of biosphere, transfer of identity. The entire world is bound in nonsense, every one agreeing with it makes it legal apparently. If such is the case then surely you can tell the world - why is it a secret?... more

If it makes you feel better about yourself. It doesn't hide the fact that you use my family to target me, it doesn't hide the isolation agenda. It doesn't disguise the fact that you run pedophile rings and grooming gangs for Hollywood. It doesn't take... more

For those of you new to my show, allow me to introduce myself. Diane Jennifer 'Rose' Clarke, registered twice at birth by the SAXA COBURG and GOTHA family more commonly known as the Windsors. Rumour has it that the name changed... more