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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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The timeline as spelled out in the Scripture, along with a stated delay indicates that 2022 is the year of big changes and a possible ESCAPE of the Church sometime during 2022. Is it valid? Remember we had the STAR SIGN back in... more

Tonight we will have Steve Fletcher as our guest as we explore his in depth research into Purim, Obama and other indications that it is high watch period for the Church. Purim is a day of escape, of a rescue from an evil plot... more

Are we being told by the global elite/deep state that world war is now at hand? They consider themselves "gentlemen" and warn us about what they are going to do next - and now we are being told that WAR is coming very quickly, and... more

Special guest Dan Holdings joins Larry and Stewart concerning the many signs and "insider" intel warnings that tell us that the Global Deep State are now ready to launch the final phase of operations to bring down America and bring in... more

The war drums beat ever louder as the Lord brings the nations into position for the final conflict of His Agenda, the unseen hand that has the ultimate say as mankind probation comes to a close. WW3 will not begin until the Lord says... more

Thanks for listening and if you feel led to: MAKE A ONE TIME DONATION: CLICK below, then CLICK on GREEN BUTTON: https://thelightgateblogger.com/index.php/donate-page/ Stewart Best P.O. Box... more

As the days of probation for humanity come to an end, lies and nothing but lies emerge from world leadership as they follow their scrips to bring in their long sought after NEW WORLD ORDER, a total China "social credit system" that... more

We have once again been knocked off YouTube because the truth cannot be allowed out there in LA LA LAND. Rumors of war and huge military moves appear to be underway - Russia getting its huge military transport ready to deploy... more

This will be a short update. Larry will carry most of the news as I am still not doing very well but much better than before. Still very weak but making slow prgress and I want to thank all those who have supported us with prayers as all of this... more

While there appears to be a lot of "inside" intel going on, no one knows what the actual script will be, as trouble in the Balkans has begun once again, while Russia and NATO appear to be pouring more military gear into the Ukraine area. It... more