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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Tonight Larry and I will have on John Vandeventer, author of the "Relics" series that explores the paranormal sightings of Bigfoot. In this series, he branches off into the UFO enigma and the 4th Reich, antigravity and things hidden... more

This entire situation in Ukraine appears to be totally scripted, as we have said before, these scripts are very fluid so that as unexpected events take place, the script is adjusted but continues on to the final climax - which is the... more

Putin sends his "peacekeepers" into Donbass and is busy reinforcing with tanks and other military tools but once that is done, what is his next move? Everyone is wondering if he will take all of Ukraine and settle the issue before NATO, which... more

This show is a flash update as events in Ukraine have reached what appears to be the starting point for major war on that front and some ancient prophecies indicate that when Russia and USA go to war that Messiah will arrive. Inside... more

Fighting in Ukraine continues, reports say it is getting more intense, Russia gives warning to NATO and the WEST, the global deep state needs their world war, and Canada becomes warning for USA truckers. UFO activity at high levels as the... more

Global Deep State MUST have their war to bring in their New World Order, and it appears, for now, that Russia will be forced into military combat to protect their two Ukrainian breakaway states from further Ukrainian military strikes. Is it... more

So what happened to this huge invasion that Putin claimed was all made-up by the West to demonize him and that no invasion was going to take place? Did Putin once again make fools of the West? Then we have two breakaway... more

Intel reports (unvetted as of now) are saying that Russia troops and equipment have already begun the invasion of Ukraine and are on the move. It sounds like the Ukraine government has vacated and have set up shop near Poland -... more

There are multitudes of things going on in the background as the nations and being manipulated into their final positions for the next great war. Remember that God says His hands are upon the nations of the world and His agenda for them... more

While the news may appear to be quiet, the move towards WW3 is growing just as the timelines of Psalm 90, the Fig Tree delay now converge along with many SIGNS that warn humanity that the end of days has arrived. The early church... more