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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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As we are about to enter December we hear more and more bad news concerning a global banking collapse that is, of course, part of the agenda to force the world into the digital wallet and digital currency, where cash will be terminated and even made a crime to conduct any transactions with cash. The digital money system will lead directly into the MARK System and some form of loyalty oath system - but it also leads to total governmental control over every aspect of your life. When one ties that to the medical/insurance system, you will totally obey or not have any medical help or drug help. This will extend into all areas of life, from groceries to auto insurance and more. Then we have Ukraine, NATO, Russia, Israel, China, earth changes, sun troubles and unknown energies from space...
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So we watched on 4-4 which is a 44, which is a 4-11, another warning from the Lord as we watched a communist court charge a former president of the USA with criminality while experts in all of this said it was such foolishness they wondered... more

Tomorrow is April Fools' Day and the American people are being played as fools by the elite of this world as they follow the scripts laid down long ago to bring in their long awaited fake messiah. Who is it? No one knows for sure, could be... more

America-Babylon has entered the final stages of a Communist run coup with the indictment of former President Trump, and calls for taking to the streets to protest and now coming from conservative leaders, and is exactly what the global... more

March is almost over and now we enter the forever mysterious April and 4-11 which is showing up everywhere, but what does it mean? And then we have more war talk from our world leaders as they sharpen their war machines. Israel... more

Do they have a case against Trump or is this just the communists attempt to get rid of Trump once and for all? We will soon find out, most likely NEXT WEEK as things have been delayed. Then we have the North Korea nuclear threat and... more

Here we go with more Trump NEWS, will he be in jail soon? No one knows, but the rumor mill is operating at high speed, and will his arrest bring about a break-up of the Union as Washington goes communist - and will the people... more

Author Dan Holdings will join Larry & Stewart in a round-table discussion on banking, UFO's, Aliens, Arrival, End Of Days, Social Credits and what is happening in the world as it implodes upon itself. The RICH MEN OF THE... more

So here we go again, let's remove England from the map says a Russian general, and they DO have the ability to do just that with their new weapons. Take-down of USA drone over the Black Sea a warning from Russia that THEY WILL remove... more

So here we are on 3-14-2023 and the rumors are flying of war and the sounds of war. We all know that WW3 is coming, we just don't know exactly when it gets real hot, like nuclear, but it sounds like a direct confrontation... more

Is a BLACK MONDAY, or a BLACK WEEK just ahead as rumors spread of massive bank runs as the Feds have now moved into ANOTHER BANK it is claimed, and it is said more are on the way. Is this going to be the start of a... more

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