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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Will nuclear war begin soon, or will some sort of treaty be hammered out and cool heads prevail in this Russia-Ukraine war? Is Ukraine the real target or is something else going on as NATO pushes Russia to the brink? Israel has new... more

The dogs of war are now howling as the night falls upon an unregenerate and totally lost world, and the war drums beat ever faster and louder. The leaders of the world are now telling us that nuclear war is coming, and the West is now... more

New World Order resurfaces as Biden announced that USA/Babylon must lead this insane march into the "promised land". One might remember that Daddy Bush also said a New World Order was coming. If the game-plan for all of this is... more

Threats and counter threats are being screamed by insane leaders as the world moves ever closer to the Bible's WW3, and the final demise of our global civilization. At the end of all of this insanity, our global civilization will be buried... more

Much of what we see on major media and now the social media like Facebook, Twitter and others are just total lies, videos that are not true whatsoever, and we are rapidly moving into a time when one cannot know for sure what... more

So here we are on 3-11-2022, a date of BAD THINGS such as the huge tsunami that struck Japan exactly 11 years ago, another 11-11. What will we see today or nothing? The Lord speaks to humanity through earthquakes and such, giving... more

Total chaos in news headlines, as one story says one thing, and another says just the opposite. The last days, according to Jesus were to be filled with lies, deceptions and delusions. The news was no longer news but propaganda --... more

As we watch the Russian-Ukraine War and Putin's statement that he will take all of Ukraine, prophecy folks are wondering if this is the beginning of the Gog-Magog war, and the real target will be Israel in the future. By taking all of... more

So then consider Planet Earth has a playpen with babies in badly needed diaper change fight it out, unable to even come close to a "Phase One" civilization as this world civilization imploded upon itself all because humanity will not admit... more

As the war continues in Ukraine, the question becomes if it will confine itself to Ukraine or will this spill over to Poland and then NATO nations? Has Putin made a mistake? Or is he just following the "Playbook" for the end of days... more