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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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As we are about to enter December we hear more and more bad news concerning a global banking collapse that is, of course, part of the agenda to force the world into the digital wallet and digital currency, where cash will be terminated and even made a crime to conduct any transactions with cash. The digital money system will lead directly into the MARK System and some form of loyalty oath system - but it also leads to total governmental control over every aspect of your life. When one ties that to the medical/insurance system, you will totally obey or not have any medical help or drug help. This will extend into all areas of life, from groceries to auto insurance and more. Then we have Ukraine, NATO, Russia, Israel, China, earth changes, sun troubles and unknown energies from space...
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As we sailed by May and now enter June, much talk about WW3 being launched and the fear and panic by media keeps on rolling and the economy keeps on sinking and the lies about how good everything is keeps on going, all seems to... more

Tonight we have guest John Vandeventer with us to talk about paranormal sightings and activity as the "acclimation project" of the NSA/CIA moves into high gear just before the arrival. Is the solar activity a precursor to the KILL... more

While it may seem rather quiet, there is a lot going on behind the scenes as the NWO boys and girls push for their Great Reset and total control over everyone on Earth. Satan is the great controller, and Jesus Christ sets a person free, so we... more

So here we are, more than half-way through May and we find the American flag flying at half-mast and UPSIDE DOWN at the capitol building in D.C. Why was that and who did it? It was not by accident and appears to be true - seems to... more

This a short update because of events now unfolding in Ukraine, as Russia launches new attacks and jams all defense missiles. Kiev under major attack. We are very close to some very bad times - whatever you need get it now -... more

This is a flash update because of recent statements coming out of government concerning Social Security, government shutdowns at the same time the USA is under an invasion of 5th column military types as Scripture has warned would... more

America is now being invaded by the final forces to take her down from within and attack from without. While all of this is going on, nary a word from the prophetic ministries concerning the prophecies of Jeremiah and the lateness of the hour.... more

America is being invaded just as Jeremiah said would happen just before she is destroyed from within and without. Biden and his communist crew are doing this, but remember this is a judgment from the Lord Himself as America,... more

As we move through MAY always think of MAYDAY, SOS, and 911 all distress calls. With the so-called attack upon Putin, the entire attitude of Russian leadership has changed from a limited type of Ukraine "Special Operations" to... more

Wars and rumors of war are flying thick and heavy, with bad vibes coming from world leaders as Satan's demonic spirits infest mankind and then stir them up to total self-destruction. However, there is nothing wrong with humanity and all we... more

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