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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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The war drums are beating louder as Putin issues threat after threat concerning using nukes to protect is new additions to Mother Russia. Putin's DOOMSDAY SUB has left port and no one appears to know where it went. Meanwhile, Biden and NATO escalate their war machines as well to what is going to become WW3. You might remember that both Putin and Obama said that WW3 was coming and it could not be stopped. It seems that the entire world is slowly descending in the long awaited insane chaos of the last days. Earth Changes and Solar Changes continue to accelerate, another sign of the End Of Days and more on this update...
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So here we go with more destruction of the United States and the foundations upon which she stands, and the communists move into high gear for the final take-down of the world's greatest nation bites the dust and is no more. How... more

Join Larry, John and Stewart in a round-table discussion of the paranormal sightings of odd creatures, from Big Foot to Native American legends of the Thunderbird, Pterodactyls and other sightings as the veils thin and timelines... more

So here we are at April 27th, 2022, and more and more world leaders are warning EVERYONE that nuclear war is now a very real possibility and USA/BABYLON/NATO are willfully pushing Russia into a world war, because the... more

World-wide famine is coming and in the news. The curses of Deuteronomy are all coming true as the world abandons God and His Son. Wars and rumors of wars everywhere. Drought grows deeper all around the world and water wars continue... more

Ukraine war is a war between USA/NATO and is designed to destroy Russia, bring in massive starvation and the GREAT RESET of Satan's warlords for the RISE OF ANTICHRIST. The timelines appear to be accurate as we watch one... more

Humanity appears to be in a self-destruct mode as the world marches ever forward to the final conflict between Satan & Christ as to who is going to rule over planet Earth. Putin appears to be on the edge of nuclear war as NATO keeps... more

April 11th has come and gone, were there any warnings with it, or was it itself a 7-day warning of FIRSTFRUITS, and the rising of the dead? No one knows, we may have an interesting rest of 2022 and then move on into 2023, 2024 and the... more

Three days for the next 4-11 and so what does it mean? It seems very odd that the date 4-11 has been selected out by the Lord but it still remains a MYSTERY - is it a date? A number? People are reporting that the number 411 is popping... more

April showers bring May flowers - usually, but the weather has become so erratic that it has become a danger to farmers, along with a rise in production costs that will drive many into bankruptcy. Remember Joseph's TWO YEARS of... more

Israel enters their religious NEW YEAR today, and a new wave of terrorism has begun, part of the THIRD intifada. Meanwhile Russia's Putin has emerged once again as smarter than the West, and all of this is part of the GREAT RESET,... more