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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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So here we are on what is called Pentecost by Israel and the Church, but we also know their dating systems are off, so some say Pentecost is on 6-12, but perhaps even on the 15th. Perhaps that is why Jesus told us no one knows the exact... more

Pentecost, as far as Israel and the Church are concerned, is June 5th, one day after a rare planetary alignment, another sign of impending trouble on the way. The Bible tells us that it is GOD HIMSELF who is bringing about or ALLOWING... more

The Bible warns us that America-Babylon is the FIRST NATION to be destroyed in a totally unexpected attack, which says in ONE HOUR Babylon is destroyed by fire. The latest warnings coming from Russia via their TV media indicate that... more

The WEF have warned us about the future, and do not let the failure of Biden's attempt to give away our nation to the elite via WHO fool you, for they will never stop and the way it was worded said they would decide later - but the WORLD... more

While the elite meet to dictate our future which includes the GREAT RESET, making humanity into a hybrid, and getting rid of Christians and those who believe in motherhood and apple pie, there is a counter revolution growing, and that... more

This is flash update concerning a number of reports that may well lead to a major expansion of the Ukraine conflict that will rapidly bring in other nations of the world. Then we have rumors and some verifications that people are having... more

From the Blood Moon on the 15th of May to June 5th on Pentecost is 22 Days, From the UN WHO vote to take-over the entire world to Pentecost is 14 days - and 14 means salvation. Inasmuch as the Church Age began on... more

Why is the number 22 showing up all over the place? Is this May date a BLOOD RED MOON 7-DAY warning as in the Days of Noah? Does Antichrist come in like a flood? Is the UN vote just symbolic and the health treaty is a DONE DEAL... more

Mankind is rapidly moving into its final conflict with God. The rise of the UN is now in our face and it appears from prophecy it will NOT be stopped and will soon have total dominion over the WHOLE EARTH. This SUPER BLOOD... more

So here we are, on the edge of destruction but total apathy and departure from all Biblical Truth as humanity runs over the cliff of ruin. The Blind leading the Blind while the truth of Scripture is trodden down and run over by the antichrist spirit... more