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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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If one drives around in the rural farmland where corn is growing, you may notice the corn, yet young, is turning brown already - not a good sign for crops - we also learn that Sun Disease appears to be the cause with excess radiation hitting the... more

The noose tightens around Babylon as the assaults upon freedom rage and evil people wax worse and worse. It seems apathy is king as apostasy from truth runs rampant across the nation. With only 2% of Christians having a biblical world... more

As we move through the rest of June, there is a rare planetary alignment that may trigger more earthquakes than usual, the war drums beat ever louder, Earth changes abound, floods, droughts, USA/Babylon drought deepens, may cause... more

On tonight's extended show we will have a three-way discussion with John Vandeventer, Larry & Stewart on the massive increase of "anomalous" sightings of all kinds beginning to unfold upon Earth as we enter into the final years of... more

As we sail through all of the Pentecost dates and no rapture. now another Pentecost date is being advanced, proving what Jesus said about "no one knows the day or the hour" and that we are to be awake and watch world events... more

Is this Pentecost on the 12th or 15th a RAPTURE EVENT or just symbolic of a future event? Star signs that are now coming together seem to indicate that the removal of the Church is close at hand, but that is based upon a pre or at trib... more

While it appears a bit quiet in the news, make no mistake that the Powers That Be are resting and have quit in the face of opposition to their global plans - but what if the real New World Order is a hybrid so-called "alien-human" world order... more

So here we are on what is called Pentecost by Israel and the Church, but we also know their dating systems are off, so some say Pentecost is on 6-12, but perhaps even on the 15th. Perhaps that is why Jesus told us no one knows the exact... more

Pentecost, as far as Israel and the Church are concerned, is June 5th, one day after a rare planetary alignment, another sign of impending trouble on the way. The Bible tells us that it is GOD HIMSELF who is bringing about or ALLOWING... more

The Bible warns us that America-Babylon is the FIRST NATION to be destroyed in a totally unexpected attack, which says in ONE HOUR Babylon is destroyed by fire. The latest warnings coming from Russia via their TV media indicate that... more