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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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So here we are in censored America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where the America/Babylon folks are in truth totally censored, totally enslaved and there is no actual freedoms allowed - and so it goes as more and... more

War drums beat ever louder as the west pushes Russia into a nuclear response as promised by Putin and others Russian leaders if the west continues to supply arms and and missiles to Ukraine. It is now obvious that it is... more

More evidence is coming in that WW3 is already in progress and the Ukraine war is the trigger event as NATO continues to expand its boundaries and supplies of weapons to Ukraine. China and Russia are joining together with Iran as Israel... more

Russia has all but declared war against NATO & USA, Biden & West pushing for WW3 to bring in the New World Order and the final alignments of the nations to usher in Antichrist - we are so close to the end of things now. Meanwhile Earth... more

Pilots say UFO over Great Lakes was NOT a balloon, unknown, Pentegon silent on what these objects are, say not recovered. China mum, and still no words from Biden in spite of demands from congress. Earth changes around the world... more

So here we are again, not sure what is going on here, now hope this will post. Solar flares continue, Sightings stop for now. Russia warning, is war close at hand and more in this special NSR short report. This is a head's up as we are very... more

The Ukraine war is heating up and NATO is getting more deeply involved, leading the world into WW3, all scripted, of course by the PTB. More rumors of major war with China in the spring, not vetted. Then we have the balloon incident and... more

John, Larry and Stewart will explore the paranormal world and the latest news from around the world as WW3 appears closer everyday if it has not begun already. John's latest books on the paranormal just released will be a topic of... more

January flew by and now one day from February 2 - time is speeding up as the world implodes upon itself. Solar anomalies, weather erratic as usual, WEF & UN plot total takeover with mandatory powers over health thus control over every... more

Atomic clock now at 10 seconds to midnight, Russian warnings of WW3 mocked, terminator robots, core of Earth did NOT stop spin but slowed down, Earth Changes abound, disclosure project speeds up, arrival signs continue and the... more

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