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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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Today's briefing will be about some serious anomalies developing on the Sun, with a series of CME's headed our way the first to strike us on the 18th and 19th or so - reminds one of Dr. Doom's KILL SHOT. Then we have more war talk going on, and more nuclear threats. Then on top of that we have floods, drought, water wars in the west - along with earthquake activity at La Palma ONCE AGAIN. Is Michael about to stand up and is Daniel's 70th Week in our immediate future as the communist push to take America/Babylon down? Lot's going on behind the scenes as we march towards humanities end in this age and more...
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Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before the eyes of the world, but most are blind to it. The Trump raid was a scripted left vs. right play, portrayed as good vs. evil. It is a scam from top to bottom to bring about the usual "divide and... more

OK, so here we go folks, we are under a medical emergency according to the United Nations WHO, then verified by Biden via emergency order just as we warned was coming. How bad is this? This is the SCAM OF ALL SCAMS, and... more

The USA calls the China bluff, and not only did they allow Pelosi to land in Taiwan, they also created a safe flight path out so China, in spite of all the warnings did nothing. However, this only emboldens America to do more with... more

July went by rapidly as it seems that time itself is "speeding up" as it appears less and less can be accomplished in a day's work - UFO reports indicate that the time of Jacob's Trouble is getting very close, as the acclimation project is going... more

Barry Roffman joins Larry & Stewart to explore the mysteries of time, space, multiverses and what Barry's research has led him to believe in this extended program. Barry's research into the Torah Codes has unveiled such things as... more

July 22, 2022 and the world is all but totally insane just as the Lord said He would do for God Rejection, and the world entire religious world has refused the offer to ENTER IN, saying "We will not!" and thus the world faces total ruin and all of... more

Was 7-15-2022 a seven-day warning for more trouble on Earth? Biden betrays Israel, while a super Buck and Thunder Moon are over-head, and you might want to remember that Mr. 666 ( said in 2008 that he would change America... more

This is a short flash intel update because of recent developments in Ukraine and a NATO offensive drive that if carried out will result in all out world-wide war. Remember that the elite want their nuclear WW3 to bring in their new world... more

Biden sells out Israel, two state solution coming, peace and security, and the thief is waiting for the exact moment to strike and take out His Bride, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Daniel's70th Week is rapidly approaching, as the world is... more