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Dale Kay

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All things Horror. Radio, TV, Movies Hosted by Dale Kay, Dave Binkley and Gar The Ghoul

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For some, a day that will live in infamy, for others a day you'll always fondly remember, when that special lady becomes a brid,.therefore, Eerie House Olde Tyme Radio presents two different tales with the same title...."The Bride of Death" from The Shadow and The Weird Circle, plus Suspense "Cabin B13". With your 3 best men, Dale, Dave and Gar on hand, it's a great way to spend a couple of hours. Listen, Chat, Call
  • by Dale Kay
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  • 02:00
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Malevolent miscreants or benevolent benefactors? What are these Martians anyway? Dale and Dave explore the possibility of relationships with The Red Planet as Eerie House Radio presents Bradbury 13 "Dark They Were and... more

Haven't we heard enough about Mars and Martians? NO WAY! Eerie House Radio brings you superb science fiction stories with X Minus One "The Last Martian" and Dimension X "The Martian Death March". Listen with your hosts... more

Are computers really good for us? Sure, they make our lives easier, but is that the best thing? Do we give them too much control over our lives? Dale and Dave explore the dark side of computers with CBS Radio Mystery Theater "The... more

Ah, those wacky computers. They've been the devil in the details since they were created and Eerie House has some terrific tales to share--X Minus 1 "Lifeboat Mutiny" and Mutual Radio Theater "Computer-In-Law" for a lighter look at those... more

Drum roll, please........more classic radio from Eerie House. Mutual Radio Theater premieres on the channel with "Drum Maker". Dale and Dave are doing more than drumming our fingers--we're bringing you some audio rarities! Bring some nickels... more

NO...we don't want you to leave...it's all about the drums, man. Eerie House Radio presents some serious "re-percussions" with The Shadow "Drums of Doom", Nick Carter Master Detective "Drums of Death" and The Shadow of Fu Manchu... more

Eerie House Radio continues a discussion on the classic RL Stevenson story "The Strage Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and a thrilling version from CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Dale and Dave welcome you to join us to share your... more

We're not being two-faced, nor are we changing, but we ARE celebrating Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday (Nov 13) in a very special way. Eerie House Radio presents a Jekyll and Hyde Weekend starting Friday with The Clock, Passing... more

We're clocking in to insure you move your timepieces back one hour and for more classic radio. CBS Radio Mystery Theater "Hickory Dickory Doom", a truly chilling horror story. Dale and Dave are on hand and special additional features, too!

Time travel is possible as we go back to the past this weekend....with an episode of The Old Man from the Mystery Project titled "The Clock" and Amos 'N Andy "The Electric Clock". Don't forget to wind your watch as Dale, Dave and... more
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