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Dale Kay

Eerie House Radio


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All things Horror. Radio, TV, Movies Hosted by Dale Kay, Dave Binkley and Gar The Ghoul

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For some, a day that will live in infamy, for others a day you'll always fondly remember, when that special lady becomes a brid,.therefore, Eerie House Olde Tyme Radio presents two different tales with the same title...."The Bride of Death" from The Shadow and The Weird Circle, plus Suspense "Cabin B13". With your 3 best men, Dale, Dave and Gar on hand, it's a great way to spend a couple of hours. Listen, Chat, Call
  • by Dale Kay
  • in Entertainment
  • 02:00
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Dreaming fires the imagination so we're doing it all weekend on Eerie House Radio. We finish up with yet another CBS Radio Mystery Theater classic "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater" starring Fred (Herman Munster) Gwynne. It's a fanciful... more

Eerie House denizens sometimes like to dream with our eyes wide open....it creeps people out. Dale, Dave and Gar will help make YOUR radio dreams come true (maybe even a few nightmares) with episodes from Suspense and Quiet... more

Criswell predicts a night of mystery and terror as Eerie House Radio presents Boston Blackie "Madam Zina, Fortune Teller" and Theater 5 "April Snowfall". Dale and Dave are on hand to guide you through the spirit world of radio and other... more

Would you like to have your fortune told? We predict THRILLS and CHILLS as Dale, Dave and Gar present The Creaking Door "Death In Your Hands" and Candy Matson "The Fortune Teller". We can also foresee Boris Karloff's Tales of... more

We're not cold-blooded, but we do like to scare you. Eerie House Radio hosted by Dale and Dave present CBS Radio Mystery Theater's "The Ice Palace", a tale to chill you to the bone. Frozen with fear? Frosty with fright? Good, we've done... more

The only thing inappropriate about Baby, It's Cold Outside is the COLD. Freezing fear filters into Eerie House with X Minus 1 "A Pail of Air", Theater Five "Cold Storage" and Escape "The Abominable Snowman". Dale, Dave and Gar can... more

Eerie House Radio welcomes Mike Arnett to talk about Professor Nitro, a different sort of horror host. Mike brings us "The Wager" a chilling tale as told by Uncle Oddball, it's a BRAND NEW, original story in the style of Old Time Radio. Thrills... more

We know what you're thinking....you want MORE creepy classic radio shows. OK.....try CBS Radio Mystery Theater "They Shall Stone Them With Stones" and Exploring Tomorrow "Telepathic". Dale, Dave and Gar will get inside your head,... more

The monsters are not just under your bed, they're in Eerie House! The Shadow "The Gibbering Things" is our main feature, as Dale and Dave bring you scares galore. We'll treat your ears to all kinds of spooky surprises! Listen, chat, call!

From Frankenstein to Godzilla, Americans LOVE Monsters and we've got 'em. Eerie House is kicking off 2019 with some creepy creatures, The Witches Tale "The Hairy Monster" and Mysterious Traveler "If You Believe" brought to you by... more
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