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Dale Kay

Eerie House Radio


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All things Horror. Radio, TV, Movies Hosted by Dale Kay, Dave Binkley and Gar The Ghoul

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It's always been dark in Eerie House, but this weekend, we're removing all of the light....that's right, radio you can enjoy in the ebony of the evening. Suspense "The Black Death", Hall of Fantasy "The Black Figurine of Death" and Mystery in the Air "The Black Cat" hosted by Peter Lorre. Join the jet-black jubilee with Dave, Dale and Gar the Ghoul so you can Listen, Chat, Call. B
  • by Dale Kay
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  • 02:00
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Eerie House Radio is still marooned on dark islands with scary stories. Dale, Dave and Gar share Inner Sanctum Mysteries "Island of Death" and Murder at Midnight "Island of the Dead", twin tales of terror. Listen, Chat, Call

From Alcatraz to Java, islands are the stuff of danger, excitement, romance and even horror. This is why EH Olde Tyme Radio presents The Shadow "Island of the Devil", Sherlock Holmes "The Island of Death" and Escape!... more

Tonight we get to whiz back in time one hour before bedtime, but before that, Eerie House Radio offers CBS Radio Mystery Theater "The Man of Two Centuries", a curious saga that will make you think! Dave and Dale share this... more

It's time again to move your clocks back one hour and Eerie House Olde Tyme Radio celebrates with twin tales of time travel - The Mysterious Traveler "Operation Tomorrow" and another Dave Binkley production from WCRS... more

In lieu of our annual Oct 30th tribute to Orson Welles' famous broadcast, Eerie House presents our 2nd Sci Fi Radio Drive-In featuring Lux Radio Theater's adaptation of George Pal's 1953 movie epic "War of the Worlds". It's a perfect... more

Two greats from American Literature, Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula. Imagine England's brilliant detective against the King of the Vampires! Dale, Dave and Gar the Ghoul bring you this thrilling cross-over. Listen, Chat, Call

Sometimes a simple cowboy costume was good enough for trick-or-treating and classic radio and movie stars are why. Eerie House is sharing some oaters from Halloween in 1952,.Roy Rogers "Wailing Gold Mine" and Wild Bill Hickock "Trap... more

Don't be such a stiff, we've....dug up....tales to die for. It's Corpse Night, Halloween Week 2019 with Inner Sanctum Mysteries "Corpse for Halloween" and detective Michael Shayne in "Case of the Popular Corpse". Dave Binkley and... more

Hilarious Halloween hijinks are on the menu to kick off Eerie House Radio's 2019 Halloween Week. You'll laugh until you scream with Jack Benny "Another Halloween Party", Fibber McGee & Molly "Trick or Treat" and Ozzie and Harriet... more

Breaking through that wall of time that separates us from those days gone by, Eerie House proudly presents CBS Radio Mystery Theater "The Crack In The Wall" and the incredible E.G. Marshall. Dale and Dave are on hand with... more
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