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Daily Renegade is the #1 source for everything Fringe-Christian. Founder Josh Peck has assembled a team of dedicated and brilliant hosts to offer the Christian public surprising truths that will not be discussed in most churches today. Check out http://DailyRenegade.com for full videos, articles, and more!

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On today's episode of Peck Report, Josh talks about Nephilim cows being created to fight global warming. Also, more fake news surrounding the so-called kratom deaths hitting the world by storm! Make sure to become a Daily Renegade... more

Being gay in today's time is now considered normal, but that wasn't always the case. How did homosexuality become so common? Have most gay people suffered some sort of abuse when they were young? As Christians what is the... more

Have Nephilim genes finally been discovered? Also, what is the true spiritual danger over at Mount Shasta? Find out on today's episode of Peck Report. Make sure to become a Daily Renegade Member and have access to full videos,... more

Do you constantly down yourself about how you look? Get away from the mirror, stop judging and critiquing every flaw you think you see. Learn why your body perception may be wrong, and learn how to see your true beauty! Make sure to... more

In this episode, Tom and Jared interview Dr. Judd Burton, who is an expert in Nephilim research and a dedicated scholar. Watch now and hear his take on the Nephilim. Make sure to become a Daily Renegade Member and have access to... more

In today's episode, Josh talks about members of the UK Seti researching network being ready to launch what they believe to be the largest study ever of public attitudes towards alien contact. Also, empathic AI could be the next stage of... more

In today's episode of Peck Report, Josh talks about followers of occultist Aleister Crowley being welcomed back to his former Highland home. Also, some Christians are using prophecy as fortune-telling all this and more! Make sure to... more

Fighting demons with bombing raids of holy water? Yes, this is really going to happen. Also, is Trump going to have his own book in the bible? Please find out what is going on in today's Peck Report. Make sure to become a... more

In this episode of Apolo-Neering Seth Mcvey and Doreen Virtue discuss the evil truth about the New Age. Make sure to become a Daily Renegade Member and have access to full videos, ad-free, at... more

Gary Wayne a Nephilim expert, dives into detail about what giants really looked like according to biblical scripture. Exactly how big were the giants, and how many different kinds existed according to ancient scripture? Make sure to become a... more