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Plainville, CT – Keiko Broyles is a psychic, spiritual medium, certified reiki master and founder of Willows Healing Path, a new path toward healing and spiritual awakening. As a natural psychic and medium, Keiko seeks to promote healing for people in both the physical and spirit worlds. ?If you are living truly the spirit-guided life, you're in touch with the purest part of your soul,? says Keiko. ?The spirit-guided life is all about how you are connecting within yourself, how we are able to cope and react to each situation. Your spirit guides have your back. They will heal you from inside and out and help you change your life to something more positive.? Keiko says the spirit-guided life allows people to surrender to themselves and ask the pure and beautiful soul within: what is the right thing? ?A lot of the times that what your higher self tells you, is not always an easy thing,? says Keiko, ?Actually our worst enemy is ourselves. Once we surrender to ourselves, there's a freedom that people experience. It's like you're going back to when you were a child.? Keiko truly believes we can all live a more peaceful life. When you're living a peaceful life, it affects the people you meet on the street or in the grocery store and make everyone else around you feel a little more peaceful and happier. ?To the people listening, I want to touch your heart and soul, to about this possibility. When you become aware of the spirit-guided life, the human side of you can never be wrong.? For more information on Willows Healing Path, visit www.keikomedium.com
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